Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone (EDZ) Winding Cove Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the European Dead Zone (EDZ) Winding Cove Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find The Weep.

European Dead Zone (EDZ) Winding Cove Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Winding Cove Lost Sectors consists of one Lost Sector – The Weep.

EDZ Winding Cove Lost Sectors

Winding Cove Lost Sectors: The Weep

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To find The Weep Lost Sectors you must head north from the site where you deployed and drop down the gaping hole. Head down to the depths of the tunnel then scale to the mossy rock on the left then continue to the upper platform straight ahead. Go through the dimly lit water path to eventually reach the Lost Sector.

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Follow the source of light to find the enemy’s camp, take them out. Scale the platforms and storm at the enemy base. At the center is Rannix, Drenched Captain, use a combination of gunfire and Super to take him out. Defeat the remaining enemies in the area, then using the Cache Code unlock the Cache to claim your reward.

Other Lost Sectors

European Dead Zone
Trostland Outskirts Winding Cove
Firebase Hades The Gulch The Sludge
Sunken Isles

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