How to Access Psychotronics in the Demo [Prey]

This is a  Prey demo guide. Here you will find details on how to access the Psychotronics room in the Prey demo.

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Psychotronics is a location you can visit in Arkane’s Prey. In the demo, it’s significantly harder to enter Psychotronics, but it isn’t impossible.

This article owes it all to /u/mgrimace (Youtube: Michael  Cammarata).

Entering Psychotronics: The Exploit (Without Leverage) 

prey psychotronicsYour best bet is to find the Psychotronic Staff Only Entrance. You’ll notice that four metal bars block your way into Psycho tronics, and these can’t be dismantled with Leverage.

You’ll need 1 big piece of equipment. In the video linked above, the player used a reel cabinet, which is good enough for this job.

Make sure arm yourself with a GLOO cannon. Four shots are necessary.

Shoot one on each side of the reel cabinet to cement it to the walls, then hop onto of the cabinet and shoot one in front of you and one above you. This propels you into the next room.

And now you’re in Psychotronics!

An Easier Way

But if you don’t want to ruin your immersion, you can always take an easier route. Simply bash open a window to the side of  the door, making sure you can see the button that opens up the door to the main lobby.

Using the huntress boltcaster, shoot at the button. You can now in Psychotronics. A hollow victory, unless you’re playing the full game. There, you’ll find the psychoscope and other things.

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  2. Tip;

    Under the “An Easier Way” heading you don’t need the bowcaster to shoot the screen if you just break a window closer to the computer and push it with your finger instead.

    Much easier to target

    • i feel like such a moron after saying all MYbe darts trying to hit the button. Didn’t even think to check the computer

    • I don’t see how it’s an “easier way” in, anyway. It only gets you into that outer office. It’s the door IN that office that you can’t get through in the demo without tricks.