All Keycard Locations [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on all the keycard locations in Prey and where to find them.

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All Keycard Locations Guide

Here are all the keycards found in Talos-1.

Note that this is a work in progress. We will continue to update this as we gather more information.

Keycard Location Unlocks
Simulation lab keycard Sylvain Bellamy’s Office (Neuromod Division) Door out of Simulation Labs Offices
Lobby Security Station Keycard I.T. Resources by the video console Security Room on Lobby 1F
Teleconferencing Morgan’s office desk, executive offices.  Unlocks the Teleconferencing Room next to the Executive Offices.
Trauma Center Keycard
  • Lobby, by the bar near the Turret
  • Sylvain Bellamy’s old office (Lobby 3F, Executive Offices)
Trauma Center in Lobby 2F
General Access Keycard

Given by January in Morgan’s office in Speak with January / General Access Key

Everything with general access, including shuttle bay, psychotronics lab, and many other rooms.
Employee Entrance

Found on the body of Sean Larsen in the demonstration theater inside the Hardware labs.

Unlocks door into Atrium. 

(See Hardware Labs)

Ballistics Lab

Found on the body of Aime Schmidt outside the Combustion and Ballistics Labs inside Hardware Labs.

Opens the ballistics lab room in the Hardware labs.
Jorgen Thorstein’s Cabin

Dropped by Jorgen Thorstein’s phantom.

Opens Thorstein’s cabin in the crew quarters. 
Morgan Yu’s Suite Key Found on Morgan’s workbench in his officee in the Lobby.  Opens Morgan’s suite in the Crew Quarters.
Director’s Office Found on Hans Kelstrup’s corpse in his office in Psychotronics  Opens the Director’s Looking Glass station in Psychotronics 2F
Hans Kelstrup’s Cabin Found on Hans Kelstrup’s corpse in his office in Psychotronics  Opens the director’s cabin in Crew Quarters.
Morgue Found in the morgue on a crash cart with a pair of neuromods in the morgue. Unlocks areas of the morgue. 
Sylvain Bellamy’s Cabin Keycard Found on Sylvain Bellamy himself in the morgue. Unlocks Bellamy’s quarters in the Crew Quarters area.
Maintenance Tunnel Found on Anders Kline’s dead body inside the Magnetosphere. Unlocks the area heading into the Arboretum.
Hendrik DeVries’ Office Found in the Arboretum Foyer. Loot it after the technopath battle. Opens the locked office in the Trauma Center.
Crew Quarters Found in Deep Storage Access (Entrance). Opens the previously locked entrance to the Crew Quarters.
Jada Mark’s Cabin Found on the body of Marietta Kyrkos. Unlocks Jada Marks’s cabin in Crew Quarters.
Jada Marks’ Safe Found on the body of  Marietta Kyrkos.  Unlocks Jada Marks’ safe inside Jada Marks’ cabin in Crew Quarters. 
Alex Yu’s Suite Found inside Alex’s safe in the secret compartment within Alex Yu’s office. Unlocks Alex Yu’s cabin in the executive section of Crew Quarters. 
Abigail Foy’s Cabin Found within the Recreation Center 2F area of Crew Quarters near the edge of a large table where Abigail Foy and her friends played a Dungeons and Dragons-like game.   Unlocks Abigail Foy’s cabin in Crew Quarters. 
Will Mitchell’s Cabin Given by “Will Mitchell” in the Cafeteria. Unlocks Will Mitchell’s cabin. Used to find “Will Mitchell”‘s award.
Kitchen Access Found in the body of “Will Mitchell” if you incapacitate or kill him in the Crew Quarters kitchen.
Yellow Tulip Supply Closet Found in the Yellow Tulip behind the bar on a dead Operator named “Tizzy.” Opens the Supply Closet containing a silenced pistol, spare parts, and other recyclable materials.
Secured Pharmaceuticals Found on Regina Seller’s body in 2F.  You have to killer her phantom, first, of course. Unlocks the previously inaccessible secured pharmaceuticals section in the Trauma Center. 
EP101 Found in Alex Yu’s Suite on Alex’s nightstand. Allows your character to escape Talos 1.
Security Key (Deep Storage) Found inside the Command Center in Deep Storage. Unlocks the security station found in Deep Storage.
Keycard Location Unlocks
Cargo Loading Access 01 Found in the Shipping and Receiving Area
Power Plant Security Office Found in the bathroom with Alton Weber’s corpse underneath a grate (Unlock with Leverage II or Lift Field) inside the Power Plant.  Unlocks  the local Security Booth.


  • Life Support Map
  • Two Neuromods
  • Silenced Pistol fabrication license
  • Shotgun Ammo
Coolant Chamber Found on the body of Talia Brooks in the Coolant Chamber of the Power Plant. Unlocks the next chamber–the Coolant Monitoring Station. This is where Mikhaila Iluyushin waits for us as she succumbs to Paraplexis.
Atmosphere Control Room Found on the body of Jean Faure in the maintenance lift’s shaft. Unlocks the atmosphere control room found in the Life Support area.
Reactor Access Found on the body of Nicholas Stillwater in the Reactor Area of the Power Plant. Unlocks the Reactor control room, which allows you to reboot the whole system.
Shuttle Control Room Found in the Pilot Lounge of Shuttle Bay. 

Found also on Scott Parker’s body in the Mechanic Storage.

Unlocks the shuttle control room within Shuttle Bay.
Fuel Storage Key Found on Brittany LaValley in the Fuel Storage area of the Shuttle Bay. Unlocks a storage room within Fuel Storage.
Dahl’s Cargo Hold Found on the body of Dahl in the Oxygen Flow Control Room. 
Halden Graves’ Office Found on the body of Frederick Steele in Fabrication — Neuromods Division. Unlocks Halden Graves’ office in the Neuromod Division. Crucial for completing the Copy Protection quest.
Briefing Room (Command Deck) Found in the Command Deck. Look for the key on Omar Bolivar’s body. Unlocks the briefing room on the Command Deck.


  • Neuromod (2)
  • Nullwave Transmitter
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Scope Chipset

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  1. You forgot the IT closed key card located in the Lobby, second floor. You know, the one with over 10 survivors in it. Nothing significant.