How to Access the Security Station [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the security station, including items, weapons, and secrets.

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For this guide, you need access to the Lobby. It’s recomended that you use the hacking skill.

How to Access the Security Station

security station it department
Source: Youtube

The security room can be found below the Staff Lounge. On the bottom floor of the lobby. Heading down, you’ll notice that it’s locked, so it’s better that you head up to the I.T. Department first. The red security keycard will be on the dashboard of a video console.

Head down the stairs and back to the security room. Go down the stairs, and unlock the room via your newly-acquired keycard.

security station
Source: Youtube

Inside, loot the weapon upgrade kit, take the shotgun (or loot it for more shells), and read the Orit, next to the shotgun. The code is 0526, derived from the passage read: “Judges 5:26.”

Whatever’s in the safe is now yours for the taking!

Security Station Loot

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