Phantom Genesis Ability Guide [Prey]

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Phantom Genesis Ability Guide

phantom genesis


Phantoms are created when weavers resurrect corpses. Usually phantoms fight on the Typhon’s side, but the genius scientists at TranStar have created a neuromod ability that creates phantoms to fight at your side. The phantom type is randomly determined. You can either spawn a thermal phantom or a voltaic phantom.

How to Obtain

This ability can be obtained using the psychoscope. Here are the the levels and the enemies needed to upgrade the ability:

  1. Weaver (2 Scans)
  2. Weaver (4 Scans)


This ability is useful for keeping certain areas safe, and distracting bigger enemies while you chip at them with your weaponry. Take note that at level 2, the phantom’s type is randomly determined.

Get this ability if you want to clear certain areas of the station of ever-present threats. You can also make traps wherein you lure unsuspecting typhon into your minions, killing your foes in the ensuing firefight.

Upgrades and Mods

Level Scanned from Activation Cost Required Neuromods
I  Weaver (2 Scans) 50 Psi 4
 Create a Phantom that will fight for you from a human corpse.
II Weaver (4 SCans) 50 Psi 5
 Create a more powerful Phantom to fight for you from a human corpse. Phantom type is randomly determined.

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