Main Mission Walkthrough – Shipping and Receiving [Prey]

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Main Mission Walkthrough – Shipping and Receiving

Find Chief Sarah Elazar

Cargo Staging Area

This place is crawling with phantoms. Austin Cool coolly waves at you from the catwalk. He tells you that he can’t open main door due to the typhon presence in the area.
Take out the phantoms. Afterwards, take note of Shipping Container 33. Inside is a turret that you’ll need later.

Cargo Power Control

There’s a fabricator and a recycler here, but they’re depowered. Thankfully, the Cargo Power Control is just nearby. If you have Leverage III, you can enter through the Cargo Power Control door. If not, head far left into a long hallway full of burning pipes to reach the control room and restore power to Cargo Bay A.

Entering Shipping and Receiving

Getting into Shipping and Receiving is tricky. Use GLOO, lining up along the walls up to the catwalk. Make your way up to the cat walk and you’ll eventually gain access into the area.

Head for the Quartermaster’s Office to find Sarah Elazar. You might want to check out the other rooms as well. There’s a Medical Bay on the second floor as well as a supply room containing a lot of recyclable junk.

Quartermaster’s Office

Obtainable Items: 

  • Neuromods (4)
  • Audio Recording: A Commendation for Officer Hague
  • Recycler Charge Fabrication License
  • Recycler Charge
  • Password: Cargo Bay Security Safe

This is your first encounter with Sarah Elazar. Also of note is a quartet of Neuromods and some pistol ammo on the console. A recycler charge and fabrication license can be found in a briefcase by the entryway.

Sarah wants you to get her some turrets. She gives you the keycode to a safe you can find nearby in the Talos-1 exterior with some fabrication plans.

However, you can easily use mimic matter  and enter Cage 1 to get the eradicator turret there if you don’t want to bother with fabrications. Take the broken turret (fix it later!) and the other turret you found in Cargo Staging Area into Shipping and Receiving.

Heads Up: Cage two has a Q-beam.

I suggest using  fortify (Repair III) skill on the healthy turrets. This adds a significant amount of armor that makes them formidable against phantoms and other enemies.

Open Cargo Bay B

Once you gather three or four turrets, place them in front of the Cargo Bay B door. The survivors will all come down to fight this battle with you. Prepare your Q-Beam.

Sarah Elazar gives you the keycode to the door. When you think you’re ready, open it.

Destroy the Typhon Organisms 

Cargo Bay B

Obtainable Items 

  • Neuromod
  • Shotgun Fabrication License
  • EMP Charge (2)
  • Nullwave Transmitter (3)
  • Suit Chipset (2)
  • Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication License
  • Recycler Charge (2)
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Scope Chipset

shippingYour Q-beam should allow you to blow everything sky high with its chain explosion.

Once the dust settles, the only thing you should be missing is spare q-beam ammo (unless you went on a different approach).

Head into Cargo Storage B and loot every container. Look for Kirk Remmer’s workstation to unlock every locked container in the area.

Once you’ve reaped the spoils of your battle, it’s time to head into Life Support. But first, head through the doorway with Christopher Smith’s corpse to get a neuromod. Next, press the nearby button to enter the G.U.T.S. loading bay.

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