Weaver Enemy Profile [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on the Weaver, an enemy you’ll encounter in TALOS-I.

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Weaver Enemy Profile 

weaverThe weavers are crucial to the creation of higher Typhon, and is highly adaptable. Fed by armies of mimics, the Weavers reanimate dead human bodies, transforming them into shadowy monsters called phantoms

Weavers come from clumps of mimics merging into one entity due to proximity to a large energy source. Apart from reviving husks and turning them into phantoms, the Weaver also upgrades other typhon, supercharging them.

Weavers can create phantoms, but often create poltergeists instead due to failing.


Weavers are specially weak to nullwave and psychoshock. Make sure you do not fire at it without a psychoscope, or you will inflict fear status on yourself. Make sure that you aren’t spotted or these monsters will also inflict backlash on you. Use a nullwave transmitter or psychoshock to nullify its abilities, and then have at it with your q-beam until it blows up.

It’s best to take out weavers with a lot of inventory space, as even one of these things can hold a ton of typhon organs to process.

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