Lift Field Ability Guide [Prey]

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Lift Field Ability Guide

gloo cannon lift field


Learned from the Poltergeists, the Lift Field allows you to create an inverse gravity field. This launches everything into the air. Apart from being a crowd-control agent, players can also use this ability to access alcoves and hidden platforms.

Lift fields are placed on the floor and need to be activated.

How to Obtain

This ability can be obtained using the psychoscope. Here are the the levels and the enemies needed to upgrade the ability:

  1. Poltergeist (2 scans)
  2. Poltergeist (4 scans)


Use this field to suspend an enemy in the air. To do a combo, select a skill that “detonates” the enemy, like Kinetic blast or psychoshock. This skill can also be combined with the Q-beam.

Upgrades and Mods

Level Scanned from Activation Cost Required Neuromods
I  Poltergeist (Scan 2)  15 psi 2
Manipulate gravity to create a column of upward force up to 7 meters tall that last 15 seconds and can trap enemies.
II  Poltergeist (Scan 4) 15 psi 5
Manipulate gravity to create a column of upward force up to 12m tall that lasts 15 seconds and can trap enemies.

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