Trauma Center Location Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the trauma center, including items, weapons, and secrets.

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Trauma Center Location Guide

trauma center

Before you explore the trauma center, you first have to look for the trauma center keycard. This can be found in the lobby on the bar facing the Shuttle Bay. Watch out for the mimic! You can also get it on  the third floor next to your office.


Trauma Centre Areas Description
  •  The first area you discover once you enter the Trauma Center.
Hendrik DeVries Office
  • Locked from the inside, has a safe inside.
  • You have to be extremely good to get in. Here’s a guide.
Counselor’s Office
  •  Two desktop PCs, one for a test and the other is the Counsellor’s personal computer.
  • Contains a hidden safe.
  • Contains a corpse with a neuromod.
Engineer’s Office
  • Contains an unfixed operator.
Supply Closet
  • Contains a Psi hypo
  • Contains a mind-control fellow. You can save him out using a disruptor stun gun.
  • The code to DeVries’ office is written on the wall: 7324. 


Consumables and Ammo

Items How to Find
Psi Hypo
Spare Parts

Key Items

Items How to Find
Medkit Plan
  • Trauma center lobby, on the end of a desk
TranScribe: Dr. Kohl
Sylvain Bellamy Tracker
  • Edge of the desk in the Trauma Center lobby
Area Map
  • Lobby desktop computer


Items How to Find
Biohazard Waste
  • Surgery area lockers
Test Tube Samples
Burnt Circuit Board


Enemy Name Located
 Voltaic Phantom
  • Near surgery room
 Thermal Phantom
  • Near surgery room

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