Sarah Elazar Character Profile [Prey]

This page contains the character profile for Sarah Elazar in Prey, including story information, interactions and missions involving her.

This is a Prey character profile guide. Here you will find details on Sarah Elazar, a supporting character in Prey.

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Sarah Elazar Character Profile

“We are the best for a reason, Dr. Yu. It would be in your interest to invest a little more in light of the… unusual circumstances.
– Sarah Elazar

As the Security Chief of Talos I, Sarah has a no-nonsense attitude towards her work and expects nothing less from her subordinates. She is a natural born leader who doesn’t give in to pressure. Despite her serious personality, she is deeply loyal to even the people under her.

Sarah Elazar can be found in-game in the Cargo Bay area, in a location sealed off from the rest of the bay. You can choose either to help her and the rest of the survivors by fabricating turrets and eliminating all monsters in the ensuing battle, or leave her to die and escape with the keycode.

Missions involving Sarah
This Side Up Shipping and Receiving Cargo Bay Defenses
Under construction Under construction Under construction

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