Main Walkthrough – Through a Glass Darkly [Prey]

This page contains a full walkthrough of Through a Glass Darkly for Prey. We will eventually update this guide to display all objectives, items and enemies.

This page contains a full walkthrough of Through a Glass Darkly for Prey. We will eventually update this guide to display all objectives, items and enemies.

Main Walkthrough – Through a Glass Darkly

Look around your desk to obtain the Silenced Pistol along with the Teleconferencing Keycard. Afterwards, read the note on you computer, then look to the left and open the safe to obtain GLOO Cannon Ammo Fabrication Plan and the Weapon Upgrade Kit. Head to Morgan’s Workshop and use the Recycler to create some items using some of the salvaged materials you’ve obtained at this point.

Look around to obtain spare parts. You will also find the Wrench Fabrication Plan and the Key to Morgan’s suite here. Leave the office. If you’ve obtained the Huntress Boltcaster, return to the first floor and come to the sealed path to Psychotronics.

Find the barred window along the side and break it. Then, find the auto-lock terminal that controls the door. Equip the Huntress Boltcaster and shoot the screen. If you’ve done this correctly, the door will open. Once you’re inside Psychotronics, head for Elias Black’s computer. You’ll also find a safe with a level 2 lock containing a Weapon Upgrade Kit as well as 4 Neuromods.

Head back to the second floor. You’ll notice that the auto-lock doors leading to the Staff Lounge and IT Security Room are unresponsive. From the balcony in the middle, you can try to get inside. Otherwise, you’ll need to hack the IT Security Room door. Once you’ve made it inside the IT Security Room, be prepared to engage two Phantoms. After dealing with the enemies, look for an IT Supply Closet (you’ll need a keycard to access it). Opposite that corner is a room where you can obtain Spare Parts. Then, check the cabinet opposite on the wall to find a Neuromod, Thermal Shielding Suit and a Chip.

A desk near the cabinet will have the Security Office Keycard. Afterwards, you’ll notice a glass ceiling. You need to climb up to the top, then use your wrench to break the glass. Once you do, you’ll be able to enter the maintenance section at the back of the your office, though be prepared to kill a Mimic nearby. Check the alcove to obtain Spare Parts. Next, proceed to the Staff Lounge.

You’ll need to kill some more mimics here which are disguised as stools. Once you’ve cleared the area of enemies, loot Randolf Hutchinson, as well as Ocatavia Figgs (the latter will have TranScribe: This isn’t a Drill). The cabinets here will be stocked with some items that you can drop in the Recycler nearby to obtain some materials.

You can enter the Trauma Center on the second floor if you have a Trauma Center Keycard. Inside, you will Dr. Bellamy’s Tracking Bracelet. Use the Security Station computer to get the map of the area. As you proceed deeper into the Trauma Center, you will come across a two phantoms, one of them being a fire variant.

Be sure to avoid the flames that the latter will summon below and keep moving to avoid taking damage. Be careful of the fire phantom, which is quite powerful (you may want to save before engaging it). Once you’ve defeated them, you can activate a Medical Operator to heal you by using the machine to deploy it. In the main area of the Trauma Room, locate Regina’s Seller’s locked computer to obtain a Medkit Fabrication Plan on the desk nearby.

Look around to find Luther Glass’ corpse to obtain a EMP Charge, a Neuromod and Spare Parts. Afterwards, explore some rooms in the area. You can go inside Hendrik Devries’ room if you have the keycard. If not, you can try going to Mathias Khol’s office. Inside, you can use Mathias’ computer and check his email to obtain the code to the Quarantine. Afterwards, go into Chris Wade’s office. You’ll find some Spare Parts here. The Quarantine will be in the back. Before going there, you can examine the lockers where you will find a possessed Jason Young.

You probably won’t be able to free him from the influence of the Typhon yet, so you can opt to open the locker later (unless you want to kill him). Either way, you’ll need to get past him to obtain a code that unlocks a safe in Devries’ office.

Finally, head for the Teleconferencing Center (it is near the Executive Offices that wil be unlocked using the Keycard you obtained). You will come across a group of mimics as you enter the room that you need to kill. Once you clear all the enemies, check the room to find Elias Beck’s corpse. You can obtain a Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan, some ammo and a Suit Repair Kit.

Just further out of the room is the path leading to the Hardware Lab. You can obtain Spare Parts and a damaged Recycler (which can be repaired) by checking the desks on the sides.

Be prepared to engage some corrupted controllers when you enter the Hardware Lab. Afterwards, grab another wrench from the corpse of Hope Ellis at the reception. You can also check her email on her computer if you want. If you have any skills invested in Hacking, you can enter Director Thorstein’s office that’s just nearby. You can also try using using the GLOO Cannon to work your way up. Explore each side of the upper floor to obtain a Weapon Upgrade Kit and another GLOO Cannon from a corpse.

As you get inside the director’s office, try to crouch and find cover immediately. There is a phantom there that you can get the drop on if it hasn’t spotted you yet. Once you’ve killed the phantom, loot the corpse to obtain Jorgen Thorstein’s Cabin Keycard, as well as other loot. Grab 2 neuromods from the briefcase lying on the floor. A saf with a level 3 lock will also be in the room. Read the note to get a hint on how to open it. Inside the safe will be some ammo, recycler charges and 2 psy hypos. Then, proceed to first floor of the Security Corridor.

You’ll come up to another corrupted controller that you need to take out. Afterwards, proceed to the left and walk along the hall towards the display case that contains a neuromod. Then, head for the Security Office. Inside, you will find the Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan on the desk, and another Silenced Pistol and Weapon Upgrade Kit.the weapon locker, an. You can access the computer to get a map of the area.

The Security Gate can be unlocked from the terminal. There, you can get a Sentry Gun, as well as being able to access the upper floor.

Proceed to the far hall to obtain a neuromod. The path stops in a viewing room. You’ll notice the Demonstration Area down below. Look around to find Sean Larsen’s corpse and obtain the Employee Entrance Keycard and some ammo. Afterwards, make your way up the rafters to Gregory Kepner’s corpse for another neuromod. Go down and locate the maintenance hatch going to a passage. You’ll soon come up to the path block with fire. Use the GLOO Cannon to extinguish it. Then, check the corpse there to obtain another wrench and EMP Charges, while you can find spare parts there as well.  Make your way up to the alternate route leading to the Atrium. The upper Foyer path will pit you against a phantom and some mimics.

You’ll see a corpse (Titus Kromwell) near the table. To the left is a computer that you can use to read Thaddeus York’s emails, where one of them will be about the passcode to Director Thornstein’s office (you will already have entered it though).

When you make it to the Atrium, there will be a phantom moving about in the area below. Id you have invested skills in Repair, you can fix and use the turrent nearby to attack the phantom. Up the gravity elevator is a corpse (Miyu Okabe) holding a TranScribe: Don’t Panic. Walk on the catwalk just above the area and you will see a statue. Behind it is a Silenced Pistol and some ammo. If you’re low on recovery supplies, proceed to the left to the Medical Bay that has an Operator Dispenser. You can also grab a Medkit and Medkit Fabrication Plan here.

Afterwards, you can choose to take the maintenance hatch to go to the Machine Shop (beware of a swarm of mimics you’ll encounter on your way). You can reach the sealed entrance to Beams & Waves Laboratory through the opposite end of the upper area of the Atrium (you’ll see Dr. Calvino’s corpse floating which you need to get the keycard from).

You will initiate the Side Mission Zero G Propulsion System that requires you to find a way inside.

At the Atrium, loot the corpse of Conrad Birchman for Burnt Circuit Board, Spare Parts and Psi Hypo. His body is in front of the main doors, the other side being in flames. You can use the GLOO Cannon to extinguish it to obtain a Medkit lying on the corner. Proceed further and you’ll come up to a Ballistics/Chemical Lab that goes to a short hall with flames spouting from a pipe. Use your GLOO Cannon again to put it out. Just ahead is the corpse of Aime Schmidt which you can loot for the Ballistic’s Lab Keycard, some consumables and recycler chargers.

Access Lily Morris’ workstation at the back of the lab, and select the Release Recycler Charge option from the screen. This causes a Recycler Charge to be released into the chamber, converting the Mimics into organic, mineral, and exotic material fragments. Interact with the workstation again to open the chamber and retrieve the material. A couple of Recycler Charges are sitting on the table next to Lily’s workstation. Consider using the ballistics chamber to convert more items into recycled material.

(To be continued)

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