Main Mission Walkthrough – Restore from Backup [Prey]

This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission Restore from Backup for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

This is a Prey article. This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission Restore from Backup for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Main Mission Walkthrough – Restore from Backup

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Head over to the Deep Storage entrance in the Arboretum. If you came from the Crew Quarters, this means trekking up the stairs and running into some operators, mimicsand even a few phantoms along the way. There’s also a lot of coral spreading through the facility. Watch out for the voltaic phantom, specifically.

Once you arrive in the deep storage entrance, go for the exit into the next area. Your transcribe will synthesize Danielle Sho’s voice for you in the same manner that January was able to use your voice.

You can now enter deep storage. Head through the exit.

Enter Central Repository

Corporate Information Technology

Obtainable Items:

  • Neuromod
  • Keycode to Stairwell Access
  • Ivy Song’s password
  • Flexi Foam Bolts Fabrication License

It looks like Alex has locked you into Deep Storage. January welcomes you to the area, and tells you that you’re looking for the Central Repository. It says that that’s where you stashed the drive with your arming key.

In this area, you’ll find a dead body on the floor with some junk, and some computers. You can find a huntress boltcaster flexi foam bolt fabrication plan in Zachary West’s workstation. If you  want to save up on suit repair kits, there’s an operator dispenser nearby.

You’ll find a Neuromod on the floor by Zachary West’s desk. Take a look at the keycode attached to the workstation. That unlocks the stairwell.

Heading through the broken doorway, you’ll see a pesky technopath.  Oh boy. Take it out with an EMP charge and your Q-beam.

Defeat all the operators, mimics, and the technopath to make it easier for you to enter the Security Booth.

Security Booth

Obtainable Items: 

  • Silenced Pistol
  • Typhon Lure
  • Shotgun Shells Fabrication License
  • Shotgun
  • Weapon upgrade kit
  • EMP charge fabrication License

You can either use mimic matter or smash a window and use your huntress boltcaster to trigger the button that locks the door to open. Head inside. Use the workstation to unlock the Central Repository. Press Grant Access to open the door to the repository.

You can now enter the central data repository.

Central Repository

This area is fully in Zero G. Using your psychoscope in this area is crucial if you want to take note of threats. Note that there’s a very annoying weaver in the area, and with it come the cystoid nests.

You can either make a quick dive and evade all the cystoids or destroy each nest one-by-one. Either way is good. Get the hard drive located deep into the repository.

Plug and Mount the Drive

Thrust your way up and back to the file server and insert the hard drive into the file server. Check the computer and select “Mount a drive.”

You now have your arming key’s fabrication plan.

Corporate Information Technology (Return)

You’ll have another dust up in this area. Mimics will be prowling the halls. I hope you have some spare parts. Repair the turret to make quick work of them. Place the radioactive container to the side so its radiation would least affect you.

Using the keycode you got from Zachary West, unlock the stairway. (If you hadn’t, you could always head up with GLOO particles). Prepare yourself for a short battle, since there might be phantoms in the area.

There’s a Huntress Boltcaster’s Fabrication Plan on the workstation on second floor landing.

Command Center

Obtainable Items: 

  • Neuromod (2)
  • Huntress Boltcaster
  • Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication License
  • Suit Chipset
  • Turret
  • Keycard: Security Key
  • Morgan’s Arming Key Fabrication License
  • Q-Beam Cell Fabrication License
  • Melindra’s Treasure Map
  • Recycler Charge (2)
  • Recycler Charge Fabrication License
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Deep Storage Safe Keycode

This area is infested with a bunch of typhon. A thermal phantom patrols the area, along with mimics. Take them out with whatever you have (though it’s best to bring a turret along with you).

Your stressful battle will reward you with a handful of useful items. Look at every  single part of the room to find items.

Use the Download Station to obtain your Arming Key. 

Danielle Sho contacts your TranScribe.  She tells you that you can leave the Deep Storage by ejecting a Data Vault. If you didn’t kill ‘Will Mitchell’, Danielle will ask you to kill him. That’s a story for another day.

Open Vault

Data Vaults

Obtainable Items: 

  • Neuromod
  • Shotgun
  • GLOO cannon

Head back to Danielle’s workstation and choose Utilities. Select Data Vault B. Then, head to the Data Storage room. The huge tape drive blocking your way can be toppled by a Leverage 2 shot (or displaced with Leverage 3).

You can also enter the area from above. Locate the catwalk above your head and use your GLOO cannon to get up there.

Inside, kill the weaver  and its accompanying cystoids. Loot the area and enter Data Storage B. Open the maintenance hatch and press the button.

You have now left Deep Storage.

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