Side Mission Walkthrough – Mikhaila’s Father [Prey]

This is a Prey side mission article. This page contains a full walkthrough of the Side Mission Mikhaila’s Father.

Side Mission Walkthrough – Mikhaila’s Father

Talk to Mikhaila Iluyushin in your office and she asks you to look for her father. Head for Deep Storage and access the Confidential Records room. If you can’t hack your way into the room, there’s an opening in the high ceiling. Use your GLOO cannon to create steps up to the cat walk and enter from the ceiling.

Use the DS-TS Database and choose either to transfer the Audio File or Delete it.

What ever you choose, head back up to Your Office. Speak to her to gain more supplies. If you transferred the file, play it on your work station.

Playing the audio file earns you the Self-Incriminating achievement.

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