Side Mission Walkthrough – Stolen Neuromods [Prey]

This page contains a walkthrough of the side mission Stolen Neuromods for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Side Mission Walkthrough – Stolen Neuromods

The Side Mission Stolen Neuromods can be accessed as soon as you enter the Holding Room of the Security Office in the Talos 1 Main Lobby during the Main Mission An Office with a View.

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You can get in if you have the Security Office Keycard (click here for a more detailed guide on how to get in). If not, you can just use the vent by crawling through it just above the door. You’ll find a note that contains the code to unlock the Holding Cell.

Be prepared to kill a mimic inside. Afterwards, look for the note about Yuri Kimura. She’s apparently suspected of stealing Neuromods. Then, you’ll need to obtain the key at your office to be able to access Teleconferencing since it is on the way to the Sales area. When you get to her office, you’ll encounter a phantom that has assimilated her. You’ll also need to kill some mimics in the area. Afterwards, grab the 4 Neuromods stolen by Yuri in her office (under the desk) to complete the Side Mission.

You can also obtain the Huntress Boltcaster (if you haven’t already) from the back offices of Kelly Randolph. It will be behind a desk.

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  1. So I think I missed my chance to do this mission, there is no note anymore and I don’t have nay mission saying stolen neuromods