How to find the Trauma Center Behavior Test Safe [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the Trauma Center’s hidden behavior test safe.

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Trauma Center Behavior Test Safe Guide

head bend over raise the posterior behaviorFor this walkthrough, it’s best that you have a reliable pool of ammunition. Make sure to take the silenced pistol from Your Office upstairs before you traverse this bloody  place. Next to the shotgun and the gloo cannon, your pistol is one of the closest friends you’ve got.

Voltaic and thermal phantoms roam these bloody halls. Take them out. I suggest pulling off stealth shots from meters away, and using turrets (there are at least three in the lobby) to distract them as you whittle their health to zero.

Head to Mathias Kohl, Counselor‘s office (next to Hendrik DeVries‘). There you will find two computers.  First, head into the office and activate the behavior test from Mathias’ desktop computer. Head on over to the other computer and answer the test. The answers in order are A, C, B, A and C.

Loot and Rewards

  • Neuromod (3)
  • TranScribe: Mathias Kohl
  • Quest: Do No Harm

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  1. Where do you find the answers to the behavior test. Is it on a computer terminal or in a book, written on a note etc. As a gamer I refuse to use things in game if I can’t gain access in game.