How to find Dr. Dayo Igwe [Prey]

This is a Prey short walkthrough. Here you will find details on how to find and rescue Dr. Dayo Igwe.

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How to Find Dr. Dayo Igwe

Doctor Dayo Igwe is a respected scientist on the TranStar space station, Talos-1. Due to the recent typhon outbreak, Igwe was forced into hiding in a cargo bay storage container, and subsequently launched himself into space in order to escape the typhon.

Deep Storage

Upon obtaining the arming keys to destroy the ship in the Deep Storage, you’ll have to find a way back into the latter parts of the station. Thankfully, the data vaults can be removed.

Head into Deep Storage 2F, into the room with the recycler and fabricator, as well as three computers. You’ll be prompted to access one of the workstations.

Select Danielle Sho‘s work station, then  utilities. The screen changes. Select Data Vault B to unlock it.

With your getaway vehicle prepared, head on to the the Data Vault room. It’s blocked by some objects, but with leverage II you can easily throw a large object at it to over turn the objects blocking your way. Other ways of accessing the Data vaults include slapping a recycler charge on the heavy obstruction.

Inside, you’ll have to deal with a pesky weaver as well as a dangerous broken electric junction. Upon defeating these two, loot the room and exit through the now-unlocked Data Vault B. Open the maintenance panel inside the data vault and press the button.

Floating in a Tin Can

igweYou’re now in micro gravity. Leave the data vault and thrust your way into the Cargo Bay. Sarah Elazar will contact you. Upon reaching the pierced hull of the Cargo Bay, Igwe will start calling out through the radio.

First, head on over to his container and take note of its number: 2312.

Fly into the exposed cargo bay dock and find the terminal. Enter Igwe’s number and choose either to Dock or Open his shipping container.

If you undock Igwe, he becomes part of the Cargo Bay survivors, and potentially fights the Typhon therein.

However, if you do kill Igwe, you’ll get neuromods and a pretty cool “last words” audio log.

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