Side Mission Walkthrough – Incapacitate Dahl and All Dahl Sidequests [Prey]

This is a Prey side mission article. This page contains a full walkthrough of the Side Mission Incapacitate Dahl, including objectives, items and enemies encountered and all other Dahl sidequests.

Incapacitate Dahl and All Dahl Sidequests

Ghosting Dahl

Head to Deep StorageDeactivate your tracking bracelet: 0913 on the Personnel Tracking workstation in Deep Storage’s Command Center.

Incapacitate Dahl / Dahl Ultimatum – Cargo Bay

incapacitate dahlDr. Igwe tells you that he has a plan for commander Dahl, so from Deep Storage head over to the Lobby. Upon talking to Igwe, it appears that you’ll need to track down Dahl first, so set aside this objective and head to the Shuttle Bay first.

Finish Command Shuttle objective first, then leave Shuttle Bay.

Dahl will contact you once you leave shuttle bay. Head for Life Supportatmosphere control. Enter the Oxygen Flow Control Room and either incapacitate him or kill him.

Afterwards, repair the Air Mixture Regulator with some spare parts and install it in the Air Mixture Regulator socket. The people trapped in Cargo Bay tell you that they’re safe.

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