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This is a Prey neuromod directory . Here you will discover the various neuromods used in the 2017 video game, Prey.

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prey neuromod

Prey Neuromod directory

The neuromod is an advancement in neurotechnology brought on by the arrival of the Typhon. Using  a device that changes the structure of a patient’s brain, neuromods can grant beneficial effects to the user.


Neuromods are created from typhon. Mimics, especially, are released into a chamber with an unwilling test subject. These test subjects are harvested by the mimics, who in turn produce more mimics. Manufacturers will then lure the mimics to a recycling machine to process them into materials needed for Neuromods.

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Neuromods come in two categories: human and alien. Human neuromods are usually passive skills, while alien neuromods focus on bizarre abilities.

Human Neuromods

Skill Tree Description Neuro Mod Name
Scientist A science-based skill tree, this class focuses on hacking computers, and improving one’s performance and medical skills.
  • Hacking
  • Metabolic Boost
  • Physician
Engineer This skill tree focuses on crafting, repairing, and lifting heavy objects.
Security Upgrading this skill tree means boosting your physical abilities, shooting skills, and combat tactics.

Alien Neuromods

Skill Tree Description Ability
Energy Using the powers of physics, Morgan can harness energy fields, fire off electrostatic bursts, and defend himself from the kinetic onslaught in Talos-1.
Morph Harnessing the eldritch abilities of some of the typhon means turning into a copy of a cup, creating phantoms out of nowhere, and improved regeneration.
Telepathy The Typhon have harnessed the powers of the mind by nature. These, they use to inflict damage and manipulate lesser organisms to do their bidding. Due to the innovative discoveries of TranStar, that power now belongs to you.

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