Prey Gadgets and Gear Directory

This is a Prey Gear Directory. In this page you will learn general information about the items you will find on Talos 1.

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Prey Gadgets and Gear Directory

prey gadgets and gear material recycler

Talos-1 is not a friendly place. With the Typhon roaming its neo-deco halls, either hiding in cups, floating around, or stalking you relentlessly, sometimes weapons are not enough. Eventually, you will have to resort to gadgets to gain the upper hand. 

These items are used to gain an upper hand in battle, gather resources, scan items, attract typhon, and many more.

Gears and Gadgetry List
Recycler Charge Typhon Lure TranScribe
Artax Propulsion System Psychoschope Fabricator
Material Recycler

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