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This is a Prey article. This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission Reboot for Prey. Read it now on Samurai Gamers!

This is a Prey article. This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission Restore from Backup for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Main Mission Walkthrough – Reboot 

Head to the Power Plant through Life Support

Life Support Foyer

Upon entering Life Support, you’ll get a call from Mikhaila IluyushinShe’s still in the power plant and suggests that you should reboot the station by cycling the main reactor. She theorizes that this might remove the station lockdown.

Mikhaila can’t go down and do it herself due to her Paraplexis, so it’s up to you. But first, you have to traverse Life Support.

There are etheric phantoms  up ahead. Nullify their abilities with your nullwave transmitter and use your shotgun to take them down in a few hits. Watch out for the goo. 

Service Requests

Obtainable Items: 

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Suit Repair Kit Fabrication License
  • EMP Charge (2)

Break the glass window and enter the room. Loot the area for weapon upgrade kits, a license, and an EMP charge. You can use this room to hide from the large number of monsters prowling the area later.

Medical Bay

There’s a medical bay on the second floor. Head up the staircase and turn right. You’ll see it. Warning: a cystoid nest infests this place. You can throw a recycler charge to suck everything not bolted to the floor, including the cystoid nest.

Inside, on shelves are a Neuromod and an Anti-Rad fab license. You can also opt to deploy a Medical Operator to heal your injuries.

Power Plant Access

Follow the waypoint to some Grav Shafts on your floor. Take it down to Power Plant access.

Warning: a nightmare could be in this area. If that is the case, head up the elevator and wait for the nightmare to pass.

Once the nightmare is gone, you can freely move around the area. There’s a fabricator near by if you want to craft some items.

Head to the Power Plant entrance to see that something has corrupted the door system. It seems that a technopath is in the area. Specifically, you can find him in the water treatment facility.

With leverage III you can open the door to the Water Treatment Facility. If not, look up and you’ll see a catwalk running high up near the ceiling. Get up there via GLOO or drop down from the Grav Wells on the previous floor.

Destroy the technopath, using a nullwave transmitter  to inhibit its powers. Use your Q-beam and kinetic charge to make an easy killing off of this monster.

You can explore the WTF for some junk and monsters to fight, but there isn’t much to do there for now. Activate the power by turning on the panel to your right so you can activate the doors to get out of the area. There’s a GLOO cannon by the electrical junction behind the stairs if you want one.

Once you’re done, head for the Reactor Control Room.

Objective 1 – Access the Reactor Control Room

Foyer and Security Booth

In this area, you’ll find a security booth filled with cystoids. The workstation can be accessed with Hacking II. This unlocks the door hindering you from entering the Reactor Control Room.

Thankfully, you can find a vent above the nearby Operator Dispenser. Using GLOO you can climb up the vent. Follow the path until you land on the other side. Warning: there will be greater mimics on the other side of that doorway as well as a poltergeist.

Grav Shaft Hallway

You’ll find a pair of dead bodies in this area. Next to Lana Nguyen is a grounding resistor that needs to be fixed. You can either find more resistors later in the Coolant Chamber Parts Storage or with spare parts and a good repair skill, you can fix it right now. This lights up the corridor to Mikhaila and Talia’s offices, which are now suspended in microgravity. There are neuromods littered out there. It’s best if you find them later.

For now, loot Duncan Krassikoff’s body in the Monitoring room and head down the Grav Shaft.

Coolant Chamber

In this area, you’ll find a lot of mimics and phantoms. Eliminate all of them and quickly head towards the door to the Coolant Monitoring Station. It’s locked. To the side of the door is a spot that’s engulfed in flames. Put out the fire and loot Talia Brooks, who has the keycard into the next area.

Before you enter the Coolant Monitoring Station, check out Parts Storage. WARNING: there are a lot of mimics in the area. Make sure you’re prepared to fight. You can enter parts storage

Coolant Monitoring Station

Here some typhon will attack you. Take them out and enter the room where Mikhaila is hiding. She can’t move. It seems that her paraplexis has gotten the best of her. She’s in danger.

She tells you to head into the reactor through the grav shaft. Before you do that, be sure to check every part of the area. There’s a medical bay nearby.


Obtainable Items: 

  • Neuromod (2)
  • Suit Chipset
  • Atmosphere Control Room keycard
  • Reactor Access
  • Audio recording: Reactor Divertors Delivered
  • Divertor

This is a big chamber. On the reactor exterior 2F you’ll find the body of Guy Croal. He has the Reactor Access keycard. You could also get the keycard from Nicholas Stillwater. Look for the broken lift in the elevator shaft to the rightmost part of the area, and you’ll find Stillwater with a Divertor next to his corpse. You’ll need this later unless you have a decent repair skill.

Climb the elevator shaft to an open vent. Inside are a bunch of typhon. Take them out and look for the body of Jean Faure inside. You’ll find a neuromod and a recycler charge  in the supply crates as well as another neuromod and chipset next to Faure.

On the ground floor, there’s a Secure Storage Room next to the elevator shaft. Inside are two Operator Dispensers and four turrets. You can use these four turrets to take out the cystoids living inside the reactor later.

Getting inside the storage room requires you to mimic a small object, hack the keypad, or get the code from Mikhaila later.

The left most corner of the chamber hosts a gravity shaft with a broken power junction. Fix it with spare parts to ensure a quick escape later. And you will need it.

Reactor Control Room

Obtainable Items: 

  • Nullwave Transmitter
  • EMP Charge
  • Reactor Room keycode

Enter through the doorway or the Roof (requires Leverage III). Loot the room and access the reactor console. Select the Access Safety Switches button.

Six safety switches next to the console open. You’ll have to flip each switch accordingly, referenced in teh Reactor Emergency Procedures Manual.

  1. Magnetosphere
  2. Substation Power Grid
  3. Photovoltaic Rings
  4. Gravity
  5. Life Support
  6. Main Reactor

Once these are activated in the proper order, select Initiate Reboot. After a period of weightlessness, you’ll see that there are some problems with the reactor. You need to replace a diverter!

Objective 2 – Fix or replace the damaged reactor divertor

Make sure you granned a Divertor from the Secure Storage Room or from the broken elevator (next to Nicholas Stillwater). Open the reactor door and kill the cystoids inside. Then, enter the reactor core and change the divertors.

Once you’re done, don’t linger for long. Get out of there and take an anti-rad for the Rad Poisoning.

Objective 3 – Complete the reboot sequence

Head back into the control room and select “Resume Reboot” on the workstation. The system reboots as planned!

Getting Out

Two technopaths will enter the area, possibly attracted by the massive power fluctuations. This is bad news. You can choose to fight them (use nullwaves excessively!) or head for the grav shafts to safety.

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  1. This guide is great. I couldn’t figure out how to open the reactor doors because I’m high and stupid and another guide I checked out didn’t help like this one lol. And that little hint about the null waves against the technopaths was much appreciated. I was easily helped without anything being spoiled. Thank you