Dr. Igwe Character Profile [Prey]

This page contains the character profile for Dr. Igwe in Prey, including story information, interactions and missions involving him.

This is a Prey character profile guide. Here you will find details on Dr. Igwe, a supporting character in Prey.

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Dr. Igwe Character Profile

“I’ve always felt that conciousness is more like music than computation.

dr. igwe

The enigmatic neuroscientist works aboard Talos I and devotes himself to the study and advancement of Neuromod technology. While much of his peers in the scientific community had dismissed his work on psychic phenomena and paranormal research as a meaningless witch hunt, he has nevertheless tread the path of the unknown with fierce commitment.

Dayo can be found floating in a cargo container in the Talos-1 exterior. (See: How to Find Dayo Igwe for more details.)

Missions involving Dayo
This Side Up Shipping and Receiving Reboot
The Repo Man Perdition

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