Telepath Enemy Profile [Prey]

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Telepath Enemy Profile 

telepathThe telepath is considered to be one of the most dangerous known Typhon. Capable of psychically controlling weaker-willed organisms and even people, it is almost impossible to contain for further study.


According to TranStar industries, Telepaths are evolved Mimics. Weavers  (themselves mimics forming into weavers) are responsible for improving and upgrading the little monsters into this floating ball of death.


telepathOne of the most dangerous typhon encountered on TALOS-1, the telepaths are often left unobserved, for fear of their very powerful  minds. These monsters are able to take over the minds of their enemies–even humans. It is said that humans under its control can only watch as their bodies are manipulated by this eldritch creature.

However, enthralling its foes isn’t the only thing the telepath knows how to do. Telepaths are notorious for unleashing blasts of psychic energy, enough to instantly bring Morgan to the edge of their health bar.


Telepaths are weak to explosives, fire, and nullwave, but their small squad of human minions might prove deadly for you. Lure the telepath into battle with you alone, avoiding psychoshock blasts. Use a nullwave trasmitter or psychoshock to nullify its powers then use your Q-beam or Superthermal to destroy it.

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