Hardware Labs Location Guide – All Weapons, Items, Enemies, and Secrets [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the TranStar Testing Facility, including items, weapons, and secrets.

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Hardware Labs Location Guide

“A lot of the station tech starts in here. Lab equipment. Special parts requests. Prototypes.” – January


Hardware Laboratories Areas Description
  • The first area you encounter after going down the dark tunnel. Infested with phantoms and rogue operators.
Demonstration Theater
  • Separated from the stage with a sort of forcefield. Contains the body of Sean Larsen. 
Demonstration Stage
  • phantom lurks here, guarding a recycler. 
  • The main hub of the area, the atrium hosts a pair of grav shafts in lieu of elevators. Also has a hazard in the form of electric junctions.
Ballistics Lab
  • The workshop that designed the recycler charge. This room hosts a huge number of materials (possibly recycled typhon?), and a big chamber holding two mimics. You can either release the mimic or drop a recycler charge into the chamber.
  • There are materials everywhere. Check even underneath certain things. 🙂 You can crawl into lower spaces with ease.
Machine Shop
  • This workshop contains a recycler and a fabricator, as well as a whole number of rooms. Watch out for the radiation and the countless number of mimics lurking around.
  • Take note of the airlock. You’ll find Dr. Calvino’s body by exiting the station through the airlock.
Medical Bay
  •  Contains the medkit plans.
Director Thorstein’s Office
  • Found on the second floor. Contains a phantom–it’s Jorgen Thorstein himself!
Beams and Waves Lab
  • This site is only accessible once you repair the breach failsafe in the Combustion Lab during your spacewalk.



Items How to Find
  • Found on Hope Ellis’ corpse in the Foyer.
Recycler Charge
  • Found on the table in the ballistics lab. Next to the desktop PC.
  • Found in the stairwell.
Typhon Lure
  • Found on the coffee table in the room underneath the fabricator area.
Silenced Pistol
  • Found on the second floor atrium next to a corpse.
  • Found in the beams and waves lab.
GLOO Cannon
  • Found in Doctor Thorstein’s Office.

Consumables and Ammo

Items How to Find
  • One is found near the broken LCD screens near the Foyer. Your landmark is the “Demonstration Theater and Exclusive Tours” sign. Turn left and you’ll see the neuromod cases.
  • Two are found in the storage room in the machine shop.
  • One is found underneath the fabricator area, sitting on a chair.
  • Two are found in Dr. Thorstein’s Office
Kings & Way Sparkling Wine
  • Demonstration Theater, head left to a buffet table with lots of alcoholic drinks.
  • Demonstration theater, head down to the front row seats and head right. Comes with Sun-Dried Tomato jerky.
Duck Beer
  • A lot are found in the Demonstration Theater. Head left to a buffet table with lots of alcoholic drinks.
Old Sardar Bourbon
  • Found near the body of Sean Larsen in the Demonstration Theater. (2)
Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky
  • Found with Kings & Way Sparkling Wine by the front row seats.
Suit Repair Kit 
  • Found on the body of Sean Larsen in the Demonstration Theater.
  • Found on the body of Conrad Birchman in the atrium.
Psi Hypodermic
  • Found on the body of Conrad Birchman in the Atrium.
  • Can be found next to a mug near a red chair underneath the Fabricator area.
Gloo Canister
  • Found on the body of Aime Schmidt.
  • Found in the Machine shop. You’ll discover a storage room with a supply crate inside.
Spare Parts
  • One can be found in a maintenance hatch by the Machine Shop entryway.
  • Stairwell
Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Found in the storage room in the Machine Shop.
  • One can be found in the medical bay on the second floor.
  • Another can be found in the room underneath the recycler and fabricator area.
  • Yet another could be found in a locker in that same area.
Q-Beam Cells
  • Found on dead operators, including a dismantled one underneath the fabricator/recycler room.

Key Items

Items How to Find
Employee Entrance Keycard
  • Found on the body of Sean Larsen in the demonstration theater.
Ballistics Lab Keycard
  • Found on the body of Aime Schmidt.
Ballistics Lab Keycode (Note)
  • Found in a corner beneath a grate. Requires leverage 1 to acquire.
Huntress Bolt plans
  • Mary Malinaro’s Computer by the fabricators.
Huntress Bolt Ammo plans
  • Mary Malinaro’s Computer by the fabricators.
Artax Propulsion System Plans
  • Found on Franklin Goode’s table . Near the recycler and fabricator.
Medkit Fabrication Plan
  • Found on a gurney in the medical bay.
Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan
  • Found in the room underneath the fabricator/recycler area.
Jorgen Thorstein’s Cabin Keycard
  • Dropped by Jorgen Thorstein’s Phantom.
Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode
  • Found in the Small Scale Testing workstation


Safe How to Find
Ballistics Safe
  • Use the Ballistics Lab Keycard. Found in the ballistics lab. The keycode is underneath a grate in a corner of said room.
  • Loot: Exotic Material (1.00), Synthetic Material (0.46), and Mineral Material (0.78).
Dr. Thorstein’s Safe
  • The code is 9954.


Enemy Name Located
Corrupted Security Operators 
  • Foyer
  • Machine Shop
  • Foyer
  • Ballistics Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Foyer
  • Atrium


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