Nullwave Transmitter Weapon Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey weapons page on the Nullwave Transmitter. Here you’ll find information about the weapons used in the 2017 sci-fi game, Prey.

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Nullwave Transmitter Guide

nullwave transmitterDeveloped in Psychotronics, the Nullwave Transmitter emits a burst of signals which suppress the psionic abilities of anyone caught in the blast for a short period of time.

It can be thrown, or affixed to stationary objects using [Mouse 1/RT/R2] .

Weapon Base Stats
Weapon Type  Grenade
Damage N/A; Disables psychic enemies
Effective Against Disables psychic enemies like the Phantom or the Telepath.
Weak Against Not effective against non-psionic entities.

Best Used Against

nullwave transmitterThis weapon effectively snuffs out any psionic monster’s powers for a short amount of time. Throwing it at a phantom, for example, renders the phantom unable to fire at you. It’s best that you use this in groups for better effect since the weapon doesn’t have a huge area off effect.

Nullifier charges are effective at nullifying the psionic potential of these monsters:

Note that even though their psionic abilities are stripped, these monsters are still ultimately dangerous.

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