Machine Mind Ability Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on the machine mind ability.

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Machine Mind Ability Guide

machine mindIn Talos-1, it’s killed or be killed. Prowling the halls are the Operators. Standing guard almost mercilessly, turrets guard the hallowed halls of the building. And they will not hesitate to kill you if they detect you to be too typhonic. However, never fear! Operators and turrets are vulnerable to your control with the machine mind.

With one telepathic push, you can turn the most menacing operator into your best friend. Subsequent upgrades increases the time this ability takes a-hold of the operators.

How to Obtain

You can get this from the technopathsScan them with a psychoscopeHere are the the levels and the enemies needed to upgrade the ability:

  1. Technopath (1 Scan)
  2. Technopath (3 Scans)
  3. Technopath (4 Scans)



prey machine mindThe two  common uses for this skill are allowing you to enter an area unattacked or allowing you to hack the machines you’re controlling.

Upgrades and Mods

Level Scanned from Activation Cost Required Neuromods
I  Technopath (1 Scan)  15psi 2
Create a physical blast that deals up to 105 damage and pushes away anything within 6.5 meters of the targeted area.
II Technopath (3) 15psi 3
Force robotic enemies to end hostilities and fight for you for 60 seconds.
III Tejcmpath (4 Scans) 15psi 5
 Force robotic enemies to end hostilities and fight for you for 90 seconds.

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