Combat Focus Ability Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on the Combat Focus ability.

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Combat Focus Ability Guide

Morgan Yu has to deal with human, mechanical, and extraterrestrial threats. In spite of such a distressing situation, Morgan has to be fully focused and dedicated to defending the people serving on the station. Thankfully, there’s a neuromod for that.

This  neuromod allows Morgan access to improved limbic coordination (faster movement), quick response time (time slows down), improved damage, and improved stamina.

How to Obtain

You can easily obtain this skill off the bat with just one neuromod.


Under construction. Check back soon!

Upgrades and Mods

Level Upgrade Description Required Neuromods
 I Enter the state of Combat Focus for about 10 seconds, in which time slows down for you and your actions cost 50% stamina. 2
II  Combat Focus duration increases to 15 seconds, time slows less for you than your enemies, your attacks deal 120% damage, and actions cost 25% Stamina. 5
III  Combat Focus duration increases to 20 seconds, time slows less for you than you but you can move normally, your attacks deal 150% damage, and actions cost no Stamina. 8

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  1. The costs on almost every ability is wrong, perhaps having changed since whenever you played?

    Useful site otherwise though, thanks

    • there is a mod for the scope chipset which might help offset the cost of psi abilities specifically or generally. Either you or they have forgotten to take out those chips to get the abilities full cost.