Psychoscope Item Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey Gear Article. In this article you will learn specific information about the Psychoscope item you will find on Talos 1.

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Psychoscope Item Guide


The psychoscope is one of the most important items in-game. This breakthrough in technology measures paranormal brain activity and scans living matter. This headgear allows you to learn and mimic the powers of the aliens you find on Talos-1. However, scanning takes quite longer than usual, and the typhon are very dangerous creatures. It is best to use it wisely.

When you scan a monster or a being, you will obtain some data. These include research points, weaknesses, immunities, and scannable powers. For example:

Gadget Basic Information
Tool Type  Gear
Damage None
Effective Against All aliens
Weak Against None

Scannable Creatures

Scannable Creatures
Creature Name Scan Time Scan Rewards

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