Technopath Enemy Profile [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on the Technopath, an enemy you’ll encounter in TALOS-I.

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Technopath Enemy Profile 

“Takes control of nearby tech. If this thing gets ahold of turrets, you’re dead. Shrugs off GLOO. Prefers to keep away from enemies. Stun or Nullwave it to get in close.” – Morgan Yu 
technopathThe typhon are a race of misshapen, shadowy creatures. Some creatures take the form of men, like the anthrophantasmusthe Phantom. Others, however, assimilate the automated servants of the scientists at Talos-1: the operators. By fusing two operators together, this typhon can control and manipulate certain machinery, essentially turning Talos-1’s systems against its human inhabitants.


Technopaths are weak to electric abilities, explosivespsychic powers, and EMP.  This means you have a wide range of powers and abilities to use.

Take down its powers first by using psychoshock or the nullwave transmitterTake out its minions using an EMP charge or Electrostatic burst.

Afterwards, you can freely kill it with your q-beam.

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