Disruptor Stun Gun Weapon Guide [Prey]


This is a Prey weapons page on the Disruptor Stun Gun. Here you’ll find information about the weapons used in the 2017 sci-fi game, Prey.

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Disruptor Stun Gun Guide

disruptorThe disruptor stun gun is a non-lethal device that is highly effective in neutralizing mechanical enemies like the operators. They can also be used to stun some Typhon or non-lethally take out the mind-controlled human minions of the Telepath.

Weapon Base Stats
Weapon Type  Non-lethal sidearm
Damage Stuns typhon and humans; Damages Mechanical enemies
Effective Against Operators, Telepath minions
Weak Against Larger typhon
Power 4s
Range 7.5m
Shots 4
Recharge Rate 1.5s
Dismantle Result 1 Spare Part


Note: These stats can only be upgraded above level one with their respective gunsmith skills.

Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Incapacitation rate 120% 150% 180% 225%
Handling 45% 60% 75%
Range 12m 15m 18m 21m 24m
Reload Speed 120% 145% 175%

Best Used Against

This gun is best used against operators and telepath minions. It can also be used if you would prefer running away from Typhon than engaging them. The weapon also shines when you’re trying to save up on ammo for pistols and other weapons.

Where to Obtain

Main Article: Finding the Disruptor Stun Gun on Talos-1

The Disruptor Stun Gun can be obtained in the Simulation Debriefing room by heading to the right path after breaking out of your “apartment” during the Main Campaign Break Out. It will be in a briefcase (along an Impact Dampener CRU [v1] chip, a medkit and Disruptor Batteries)  above the tape drive on the left side of the room. Just climb up the small block next to the tape drive to give you a boost.

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  1. There’s also another in “Volunteer Quarters”. It’ll be next a body that’s by a maintenance hatch. The one that needs a heavy object moved to access first.