Side Missions Directory [Prey]

This page contains a summary of Side Missions for Prey, including methods to access the, objectives, enemies encountered and items obtained.

Side Missions Directory

The table below contains a summary of Side Missions for Prey, including enemies encountered, obtainable equipment and Neuromods found in the game. Please note that we will be updating this page regularly after the game’s release on May 5, 2017.

In the meantime, you can check out our Prey wiki page here for more strategy guides, and tips and tricks!

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Mission Name Objective How to Access Locations Enemies Obtainable Equipment
Everything You Know is About to Change Obtain the Neuromod inside the glass case in the foyer. Approach the Foyer during the Main Mission Break Out Talos-1 Foyer Mimic Neuromod
Stolen Neuromods Find the Neuromods stolen by Yuri Kimura  Enter the Security Office below the Staff Lounge  Talos-1  Security Office, Sales Area  Mimic, Phantom  Neuromod x4, Huntress Boltcaster (back offices of Kelly Randolph – behind the desk)
The Corpse Vanishes Find Dr. Sylvain Bellamy‘s body. Read John Gravilovic’s emails on his computer in the Neuromod Division. Trauma Center, Psychotronics  Mimic, Phantom ???
Do No Harm Answer the behavioral test correctly in Mathias Kohl’s office to reveal a safe. Access Mathias Kohl’s computer at the Trauma Center Trauma Center ??? 3 Neuromods, Transcribe: Mathias Kohl
Breach Access

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