Main Mission walkthrough – The Repo Man [Prey]

This is a Prey article. This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission “The Repo Man”, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Main Mission Walkthrough – The Repo Man 

Once you defeat the military operators in the previous quest, you’ll be given a new quest: Repo Man. Your first objective is to access Dahl’s command shuttle in Shuttle BayHead through the lobby and enter the shuttle bay to start this mission.

Access Dahl’s Command Shuttle

Shuttle Bay Foyer

Upon entering the foyer, you could already see Dahl’s command shuttle. Unfortunately, this isn’t a walk in the park. Military operators are roaming the shuttle bay’s halls, waiting for your hide to come stumbling through. What’s worse is that the jetway that connects to Dahl’s shuttle had been disconnected.

Head on over to the pilot lounge. It’s found to the left of Shuttle Bay 2F.

Pilot Lounge

Obtainable Items: 

  • Neuromod
  • Suit Repair Kit Fabrication License
  • Shuttle Control Room
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit

Now that you have the shuttle control room keycard, you can head up to the third floor. Unfortunately, the Grav Shafts won’t work just yet, so you’ll have to look for them on the first floor. Unless, of course, you’d rather just GLOO your way up the grav shaft up to the control room.

Head down  to Shuttle Bay 1F. Be careful–there’s an operator dispenser in the area, and infinitely spawns military operators. (This is how you can farm Q-beam ammo!)

Mechanic Facilities

You can unlock this door with the Shuttle Control room keycard or you can enter the GLOO’d window to the left of the locked doorway. But first, equip your psychoscope to detect mimics in the Tooling Room. Look for Scott Parker’s workstation and use it to restore power to the Grav Shafts. Just go on over to Utilities and activate them from there.

Shuttle Control Room

After a surmountable trek up to the third floor, cross the broken catwalk and enter the shuttle control room. Be warned: there’s a military operator inside, so prepare your disruptor stun gun

Head on over to the workstation and use the utilities to extend the jetway bridge. Now you can head back to Shuttle Bay 2F and walk over to Dahl’s shuttle bay.

Search Dahl’s Shuttle for clues to his tech officer’s location

Dahl’s Shuttle

Obtainable Items: 

  • Neuromod
  • Dahl’s Orders (Audiolog)

Inside the shuttle, you’ll find a huge array of food and drink as well as a neuromod inside the cabin. Head to the cockpit to access Walter Dahl’s e-mail and files. This file allows you to locate KASPAR in a  randomized area.

Disable Dahl’s Tech  Officer who is hiding somewhere within the _____________.

This one is a lot more straight forward. Head over to one of a few locations (determined by the audiolog in Dahl’s Shuttle):

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