Main Mission Walkthrough – Speak with January / General Access Key [Prey]

This page contains a full walkthrough of Speak with January/General Access Key for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Main Mission Walkthrough – Speak with January/General Access Key

The Main Mission Speak with January/General Access Key is just a conversation between you and your other “self”. January will appear as an Operator and tells you about the role he/she is playing in your mission.

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He/She tells you her plan to destroy Talos-1 by using the self-destruct protocol. January tells you that it is activated with two keys (one is with supposed to be with you and the other is with Alex). Alex apparently destroyed your key, so you’ll need to make another one.

Morgan created a fabrication plan for a replacement, located in Deep Storage. You’ll need to use the station’s main lift to access Deep Storage. January will give you the General Access keycard to the main lift. Just retrieve the card from Morgan’s desk to complete the General Access Key optional objective. January will give you a Neuromod, for a new optional objective. Take the Neuromod to complete this new objective. Before leaving your office, head for the Recycler to convert materials into useful items you might need.

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