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Character Information

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Prey has a wonderful cast of intriguing characters. Below are just some of the characters found in the game.

prey characters morgan yuMorgan Yu
Sara Elazar Alex Yu Mikhaila Iluyushin


prey enemies

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Cystoid Mimic Nightmare
Phantom Poltergeist Telepath
Weaver Nightmare Operator

Equipment Data


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Wrench Silenced Pistol Shotgun
GLOO Cannon Disruptor Stun Gun Huntress Boltcaster
Q-Beam EMP Charge Nullwave Transmitter
Artemis Pistol


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Recycler Charge TranScribe Material Recycler
Psychoscope Typhon Lure Artax Propulsion System
Fabricator  –

Strategy Guides

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Tips and Tricks


“Good morning, Morgan. Today is Monday March 15th, 2032.”


Day One Patch Notes Revealed (5/4/2017)

We get a rundown of what will be different after the Prey’s first update on the day of launch. Some minor spoilers ahead. Click here to read more.

Title Prey
Genre Action-Adventure
System Playstation 4 / Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer Arkane Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Release date May 5, 2017