Superthermal Ability Guide [Prey]

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Superthermal Ability Guide



The super thermal allows Morgan Yu to create a trap of super-heated plasma. This deals up to 80 fire damage within 4 meters when triggered. The area of effect and damage can be increased with each subsequent upgrade.

How to Obtain

This ability can be obtained using the psychoscope. Here are the the levels and the enemies needed to upgrade the ability:

  1. Thermal Phantom (1 Scan)
  2. Thermal Phantom (2 Scans)


Under construction.

Upgrades and Mods

Level Upgrade Description Scanned from Activation Cost Required Neuromods
I Create a trap of super-heated plasma that deals up to 80 fire damage within 4 meters when triggered.
  • Thermal Phantom (Scan 1)
35 Psi 2
II Create 2 traps of super-heated plasma that deal up to 130 fire damage within 5 meters when triggered.
  • Thermal Phantom (Scan 2)
35 Psi 4

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