Material Recycler Item Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey Gear Article. In this article you will learn specific information about the material recycler item you will find on Talos 1.

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Material Recycler Item Guide

This recycler allows Morgan Yu to recycle things found on Talos-1. These raw materials are then used for crafting. Recyclers are found all throughout Talos-1, and a portable version can be found in the Recycler Charge.

The recycler spits out blocks of raw materials. These have various colors.

Gadget Basic Information
Tool Type Crafting Device
Damage None
Effective Against None
Weak Against None

Material Recycler Locations

Main Area Specific Location
Lobby Psychotronics – Staff
Morgan’s Office
Hardware Labs Demo Theatre
Machine Shop
Deep Storage
Crew Quarters
Talos 1 Bridge
Neuromod Division
Shuttle Bay
Life Support
Cargo Bay
Power Plant

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