All Keycode Locations and Keycodes [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the keycode locations of every locked door in Prey. Read it now on Samurai Gamers!

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All Keycode Locations

Prey being an Immersive Sim means that its setting–Talos 1, is rife with keycodes, doors, and safes to crack open. Here are the keycodes and the locations of what they unlock.

Static Keycodes

Areas Safe/Door Code
Neuromod Division Debriefing Safe 5150
Talos I Lobby Morgan Yu’s Office 0451
Security Safe 0526
Holding Room 1129
I.T. Department 0913
Dr. DeVries’ Safe 7324
Hardware Labs Dr. Thorstein’s Safe 9954
Psychotronics Armory 8714
Crew Quarters Dr. Calvino’s Safe 0523
Talos I Exterior Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container 2312
Power Plant Reactor Room 3845

General Keycodes

Areas Safe/Door Location
Neuromod Division Security Booth Found next to Divya Naaz’s body
Talos I Lobby Volunteer Quarters Found on Bianca Goodwin’s workstation
Staff Lounge – Pilot’s Lounge Keycode Listen to Octavia Figg’s TranScribe to obtain the code.
Hardware Labs Thadeus York’s workstation – Director Thorstein’s Office keycode Peruse Thadeus York’s workstation–specifically the emails and you’ll find it there.
Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode Read the “If You Need Supplies” email on the Small Scale Testing workstation on the second floor of Hardware labs.
Ballistics Lab Safe Keycode Found beneath a grate in a corner of the Ballistics Laboratory. You will need to use leverage I on it.
G.U.T.S. Magnetosphere Restroom Found on the shelf in the restroom. Make sure you move the toilet paper on the shelf.
Arboretum AR01 Closet Given by Rani Chaudhary in the Greenhouse if you save her from the Telepath.
Crew Quarters Fitness Center Keycode Head to the Concierge’s security station and read the “New Gym Code” e-mail.
Lorenzo Calvino’s Safe Listen to all of Calvino’s audio recordings on his computer in his cabin to find his keycode.
Fitness Center Keycode (2) Head to the Cabins B Restroom and read the note you find there.
Mail Room Keycode Head to the Habitation Pods and read the note found in Anders Kline’s habitation pod.
Freezer Keycode Go to the kitchen and watch the cook unlock the freezer.
Executive Suites Keycode Look for Will Mitchell’s workstation and peruse his files to obtain the keycode.
Executive Suites Keycode (2) Head for the recycler room. Look at the note attached to a table.
Executive Suites Keycode (3) Head to the Fitness Center and read the Personal Training Session email on Emma Beatty’s workstation.
Deep Storage Stairwell keycode Head over to Corporate Information Technology and read the note next to Zachary West’s workstation.
Deep Storage Safe You’ll find this keycode in the Command Center behind Danielle Sho’s workstation. This code works for both safes in Deep Storage.
Cargo Bay Cargo Bay Security Safe Talk to Sarah Elazar to get this keycode. Head over to the quartermaster’s office to do so, and then head over to Cargo Bay A to unlock the safe.
Powerplant Parts Storage keycode Look for Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe in Monitoring.
Life Support Price Broadway’s Password Head on over to the Water Treatment Facility, and then to Price Broadway’s workstation. Read the note inside.
Storage Room Keycode Head to the Oxygen Flow Control Room and read the note.
Security Station Safe Found on Erica Teague’s body in Main lift access.
Bridge Bridge Safe Found underneath a book on the desk in the Captain’s loft.

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    • Hi, John! The Magnetosphere room is located in the G.U.T.S level, right before you enter the Arboretum. If you’re talking about where the Magnetosphere is in the tables above, it’s next to Hardware Labs.