Huntress Boltcaster Weapon Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey weapons page on the Huntress Boltcaster. Here you’ll find information about the weapons used in the 2017 sci-fi game, Prey.

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Huntress Boltcaster Guide

huntress boltcasterThe Huntress Bolt caster launches foam darts which do zero damage. Also known for its ability to annoy coworkers, distract enemies, and remotely trigger buttons and screens.

Harke, traveler! Thine olde enemie, the knave, stands no chance against thee now! For thou hast the trusty Huntress at thine side! Yea, verily, any who wouldst challenge thee shall be slain in hasty fashion, when the Huntress lets fly her FlexiFoam bolts with truest aim! Go forth, intrepid hero! (feedback/problems email mmalinaro@transtar.talos)

Weapon Base Stats
Weapon Type Utility, Joke
Damage None whatsoever
Effective Against Distracting enemies, Pushing buttons and triggers
Weak Against Everything
Fabrication Cost 2 Synthetic
Material Yield 1.00 Synthetic
Fabrication Plan Location Neuromod Division, Caleb Hawthrone’s Terminal, R and D.

 Where to Obtain

The Huntress is found in the Sales Division in the Talos-1 lobby. Over on the far left side of the sales division are two desks facing each other. You’ll find the boltcaster on the lefthand desk.

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