Consumables Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on consumables.

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Consumables Guide

Here are the consumables littered all over Talos 1, in order of importance: 

Consumable Name Description Strategy Fabrication Requirements
Neuromods A device invented by TranStar that modifies a subject’s brain in order to impart new skills knowledge and paranormal abilities. It’s best to use neuromods according to the build you want to play as it is permanent.
  • 1 Organic 2 Mineral
  • 2 Synthetic
  • 3 Exotic
Medkit An auto-diagnosing first aid kit to recover from minor injuries. With Scientist Neuromod Upgrades like Physician I and II you can improve the medkit’s healing factor by at most 300%.

Medkits are littered all over Talos 1 and can be produced from Fabricators.

  • 2 Organic
  • 1 Mineral
  • 1 Synthetic
Suit Repair Kit A kit that repairs 25 damage to suit integrity. Your suit’s health determines the number of damage you take to your person–a suit integrity of zero means near-certain death (or serious injury) to the unwitting player.

It’s best to maintain your suit integrity at 75% or more. Keep your repair kits handy for this endeavor.

  • 2 Synthetic
PSI Hypo A psychostimulant that increases the psychic potential of an individual when injected. The first plan you find in-game, the Psi Hypo is your trusty friend–and the candy you’ll be munching on–when you use a lot of typhon abilities. A good way to conserve PSI hypos is to find science operators on Talos-1. These operators can be found all over the station though are normally found in the Psychotronics division.
  • 1 Organic
  • 1 Mineral
  • 1 Synthetic
Anti-Rad A container of pills that removes accumulated radiation and radiation sickness. Anti-Rads are necessary in areas like Deep Storage G.U.T.S. and Talos 1 Exterior. Rad sickness comes in the form of dizziness slow health regeneration and stumbling around.
  • 1 Organic

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