Talos-1 Lobby Location Guide – All Weapons, Items, Enemies, and Secrets [Prey]


This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the Talos-1 Lobby, including items, weapons, and secrets.

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Talos-1 Lobby Location Guide


Yu made it. Ready for your first view of the real world?” – January

The huge, sprawling lobby spans three to four floors, hosting office complexes and other utilities. A very luxurious site once the gem of TranStar, it is now home to hordes of typhons cacoplasmus and anthrophantasmus, and whatever lurking horror that prowls unseen in those halls.


Tal0s-1 Lobby Areas Description
Nash Underwood’s Corpse
Employee Orientation
  • Next to Psychotronics, this is the first room you’ll see on the left. Filled with mimics.
I.T. Department
  • A phantom lurks in here.
TranStar Exhibit
  • Situated on the lower floor of the Talos I Lobby.
  • A phantom lurks in here. You can also find a neuromod in a glass case.
Laura McAvoy’s corpse
  • Found by the door of the Trauma Center
  • Loot for a petri dish sample.
Trauma Center
Security Station
  • Found to the right on the first floor (facing the shuttle bay).
  • Requires a keycard. Found in the I.T. Department.
Executive Offices
  • Your secretary’s table can be found here.
Your Office
  • Situated on the third floor. Has a lot of flavor text and plot-related content.
  • The password to enter is 0451.
Sales Division
  • A phantom and a mimic lurks through this place.
  • You’ll find the huntress crossbow here.
  • 4 neuromods are in Yuri Kimura’s office.



Items How to Find
  • Your office.
  • Teleconferencing, next to Elias Black’s corpse.

Consumables and Ammo

Items How to Find
  • Nash Underwood’s Corpse
  • The room next to the employee orientation room. You have to fight some mimics.
02 Bottle
  • Nash Underwood’s Corpse
Shotgun shells 
  • Nash Underwood’s Corpse
  • Mimic Corpses
  • Security Station
  • Briefcase next to Nash Underwood’s corpse (2)
  • Your Office (3)
  • TranStar Exhibit – Glass Case (1)
  • TranStar Exhibit – Fire Alarm Safe (1)
  • Hallway facing Employee Orientation – Fire Alarm Safe (1)
  • Trauma Center – Surgery Area Corpse (1)
  • Trauma Center –Dr. Kohl’s hidden safe (3)
  • Trauma Center – Henrik Devries’ safe (3)
  • Trauma Center – Secured Pharmaceuticals (1)
  • Sales Division – Yuri Kimura’s desk (4)
  • Psychotronics Safe (Hacking 2)
  • Security Room – Elias Black’s desk
  • I.T. Security Section, Office, the Cabinet on the right.
Suit Repair Kit
  • Staff Lounge
Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Found inside the locked security room
Udon Noodles
  • Phantom corpse in the I.T. Department
RanDom Dim Sum
  • Staff Lounge
Captain Spee’s Fish Sticks
  • Staff Lounge
Cold Mountain Green Tea
  • Human Resources
Kafe Karsk
  • Human Resources
Flexifoam Bolts
  • Human Resources

Key Items

Items How to Find
Simulation Lab Keycard
  • Sylvain Bellamy’s Office
Security Room Keycard
  • I.T. Resources, by the video console
Trauma Center Keycard
  • Lobby, by the bar near the turret (Mimic will jumpscare you)
General Access Keycard
  • ???
TranScribe: Marco Simmons
  • By the desk in front of Test Chamber D.
Gloo Cannon Ammo Plan
  • Your Office, Your Safe
Pistol Ammo Plan
  • Teleconferencing


Items How to Find
Petri dish sample / Biohazard Waste
  • Loot Laura McAvoy’s corpse, near the trauma center.


(Note: There could be randomly-spawning enemies in each area. These are the foes we saw that were set to spawn in certain rooms.)

Enemy Name Located
  • Four could be found in the Employee Orientation Room
  • Four could also be found in the Staff Lounge
  •  One can be found in the I.T. Department
  • Another can be found in the TranStar Exhibit.
  • One can be found in the Executive Offices near Jason Chang’s desk.

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