[The Surge] Post-Ending Rewards

This is a post-ending guide for The Surge. Here you will find details on the rewards and game modes you’ll unlock upon completion.

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Post-Game Ending Rewards

So you’ve uncovered the wretched mystery at the heart of the Creo facility. So you’ve triumphed over the odds so highly against you. So you’ve killed rogue process. And now what do you get in return?

Rogue Process Loot

Upon defeating rogue process, you’ll receive the memetic edge, a rogue process-themed medium speed, one-handed sword. You’ll also receive 20,000. 

New Game Plus

Upon completing the game at least once, select “Continue” at the main menu. You’ll notice that your save file now has “New Game +” on it. In New Game +, you’ll start with all of your equipment and scrap. However, your foes will hit harder and take hits harder.

New game plus also features different strong enemy placements. Furthermore, new weapon and armor tiers are available to the player.

Upon completion of New Game Plus, you’ll receive New Game ++, and so on and so forth until it becomes impossible.


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