Main Mission Walkthrough – Detour [Prey]

This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission Detour for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

This is a Prey walkthrough. This page contains a full walkthrough of Main Mission Detour for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Main Mission Walkthrough – Detour

Please note that we are still in the process of playing the game. Check back regularly when information becomes available for the Main Mission Walkthrough Detour.

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Security Office

Obtainable Items:

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Shotgun
  • Keycode: Holding Room
  • Shotgun Shells Fabrication License
  • Recycler Charge
  • EMP Charge
  • Nullwave Transmitter

Inside the Security Office, there are a plethora of items to recover. Leave Psychotronics lab for now and begin at the Security Office near the Shuttlebay entrance. Use the Huntress Boltcaster to unlock the Security office door. Inside, inspect the manual override switch beside the security booth door. Crouch then aim a well-placed shot at the Security Booth Window, this should eventually release the lock of the door behind the security booth. To gain entry to the booth, head to the hall (“Security”) then go through the passage adjacent to the stairway that directs to the Staff Lounge and Trauma Center.

Security Office: Alternative Entry

You may also opt to collect the Security Office keycard from the 2F Security Office IT Security. To get there, go through the Maintenance Access from 3F, ignore the main door. Smash through the glass panels in the ground then jump off to infiltrate the IT Security below. Be wary of the 2 Phantoms patrolling the IT Security. Use stealth to reach Steve Folson’s office then retrieve the keycard. Alternatively, you may head to the 2F Mezzanine and input the code 0913 onto the keypad.

Gain entry to the Security Station which lies beneath the Security Booth then begin to install the map to the lobby. You will receive an important information. Inside the booth, you will find an item.

Head to Sarah Elazar’s office, then collect the Shotgun that’s resting on the her desk. Although quite impeccable, note that this weapon emits an ear-splitting noise when unloaded. The best option is to conserve its ammunition. Check her workstation for an email. Grab the note fixed on the lamp beside her workstation. Inspect the note to find that a code etched, 1129, this shall be for the holding room laterInput the code 0526 on the safe near Sarah’s desk to obtain a treasure trove of items.

Input the code to unlock the holding room. Be prepared to take out the Mimic, then inspect the remains of Demetri Bowser. Search the desk for a note this triggers the first objective.

Objective 1 – Stolen Neuromods

The note hints that the next destination is the Sales Division up on the 3F. Search underneath Yuri Kimura’s desk to obtain 4 Neuromods. However, you must be wary of the roaming Phantom.

Staff Lounge

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: This isn’t a Drill
  • Keycode: Pilot Lounge

Ignore the main door of the Staff Lounge, instead backtrack to your office (3F) then aim at the huge window which looms over the lobby. Break it using your Wrench, then with your Propulsion system drop down to reach the 2F balcony without injury. This area now grants you access to both the Staff Lounge and IT Security. Be on your guard for a concealed Mimic however.

Take extra caution when treading in the recreational room as there is a swarm of Mimics patrolling the area. Take them out then inspect the Kitchen for some resources. Inside, you will discover Octavia Figgs’ corpse. Collect her TranScribe to receive the audio recording. Listen to it to receive the keycode for the Pilot Lounge.

Obtainable Items:

  • Neuromod
  • Audio Recording: Session Log: Dr. Calvino
  • Audio Recording: Session Log: Sarah Elazar
  • Audio Recording: Session Log: Danielle Sho
  • Keycode: Psychotronics Access
  • Medkit Fabrication License

Don’t bother entering the Trauma Center through the door, instead you must collect the Keycard. Head to Bianca Goodwin’s office which is on the 3F, then use it to unlock the Trauma Center. Be wary of the Phantom and Thermal Phantom inside. Have your guns ready before you go. Once the path is clear, proceed to the terminal situated within the waiting room then install the Map of the lobby to get your bearings.

The Corpse Vanishes (Cont.)

Inside the Trauma Center, inspect the email to find additional clues. You will be able to continue with this objective once you have unlocked Psychotronics. If the Phantom and Thermal Phantom are still wandering about, take them out, focus on the Phantom first by luring it away from the Thermal’s range. The former should go down from a combination of the GLOO Cannon and the Shotgun, while the latter requires some fancy footwork to avoid getting burned from its AoE. Step back and shoot a well-placed from the Q-Beam to take it out if you have it, otherwise you need to use your Shotgun.

Gas Lines and Flammable Liquids

Take cover from the surrounding wisps to avoid being consumed by the flames, then with the GLOO Cannon aim carefully to extinguish the fire. Seal the breaches in the gas line, then fire the pool of flammable liquid to put the blue flames out. Use fires to your advantage by creating a fire wall to isolate yourself from your pursuer.

Proceed to Mathias Kohl’s Office. Inspect April McGuire’s corpse near the doorway to collect some resources. Check Kohl’s workstation, then with the TranScribe extract the audio recordings of the 3 patients from the Files tab.

Found behind the Trauma Center is Luther Glass’ body. Search his body for 1 Neuromod. Not far is the Operator dispenser, operate it to deploy the Medical Operator. Communicate to request for medical assistance, this should put your health back to full. Timely use of these operators should support you in conserving Medkits and other health supplies. Inspect the remaining sections of the area for supplies such as the cabinets scattered and the corpses. Adjacent to Regina Sellers’ workstation beside the microscope is a fabrication license for Medkits.

Psychotronics Foyer

Obtainable Items:

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Neuromod (4)

With the General Access keycard, this allows you to unlock the Psychotronics Foyer on 1F. Apart from Elias Black’s workstation, the other concern is to open the safe. The code is currently unavailable but if you have mastered the Hacking II skill, you can unlock it in this manner. Inside the safe you will obtain several items.

Objective 2 – Who is December?

Once you reach the following corridor’s entrance from the Psychotronics foyer, a dialogue will ensue. The conversation requires that you return to the Neuromod Division, however be wary of the Typhon that you will come across.

As you return, proceed to the Simulation Debriefing room, then turn to the left side and pull yourself up to find Alex’s note to obtain more hints. Before you drop off, inspect the attache to collect some supplies. You will eventually receive another call requesting you to head to the Neuromod Division’s foyer.

Once you arrive at the foyer, you will find more clues. Inspect December’s corpse for a note and an item. Check the note to obtain a code to the office in Alex’s safe at the Arboretum. This should trigger the resumption of the Objective.

Source: Youtube

Return to the Psychotronics Foyer, then cross the corridor where December contacted you earlier, descend the huge stairwell gingerly. Be wary of the Etheric Phantom lurking here. Since there’s not much room to maneuver, either fire away with the Q-Beam or incapacitate it with the GLOO Cannon and clean up with the Shotgun.

Head to the foot of the stairs to find additional supplies, then reach for the door that lies at the far end of the corridor to enter the Psychotronics. Check Joel Weeks’ corpse by the doorway for some items. Finally, check the door to go through Psychotronics.


Without the elevator, you are forced to get to the Arboretum through another path. Head to the Gravity Utility Tunnel System (G.U.T.S.) then situated at the top of the station, is the entrance to Psychotronics Lab. Tread carefully and be prepared to encounter the Typhon. You will come across an electric field that obstructs your passage, inspect the left side of the corridor for the electrical junction then fire at it with the GLOO Cannon. This should remove the barrier temporarily to get you across. Although optional, some spare parts and Repair II skill should get the junction to be good as new.

Security Checkpoint

Obtainable Items:

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Turret (2)

Slightly past the door you should find the huge circular room with paths both should take you to the security checkpoint. Be wary as this area is infested with Mimics. Although the security booth door is closed, you can simply use the Hacking II skill to pry it open. If however you prefer to break the window on the left side of the door with the wrench, feel free to do so. Bring out your Huntress Boltcaster, then unload it at the Utilities tab displayed on the screen, fire the second shot on the button found at the lower corner of the screen to gain access to the security booth entrance.

Operate the security station inside the booth to install the Psychotronics map to your TranScribe. Further inspection should give you an email. Check the booth for additional items and in addition, 2 turrets. Deploy the first outside the booth then collect the other to accompany you.

Clean Room Preparation

Obtainable Items:

  • GLOO Cannon Psychoscope
  • Neuromod (2)
  • The Starbender Cycle: Book 3

Passing through the corridor that rests beyond the security checkpoint should eventually lead you to an intersection. Although both should direct you to the locker rooms, you cannot get through the right path that takes you to the men’s locker room. Thus, turn to the left instead, then deploy a turret inside the security booth just before you enter the women’s locker. With a Phantom lurking inside, call its attention to kill it with the turret. Before you leave, inspect The Starbender Cycle inside the women’s locker.

Not far from the women’s locker you will find decontamination chamber. You cannot pass unless you have the Psychoscope in possession. Bring the turret then proceed through the men’s locker room, then exit through the clear exit just close by. Send the turret out at the men’s locker then search for the hole on the floor. Next to the cracks, you should find Allison Brady’s remains, search it for some supplies then drop down to reach the floor below.

Switch your flashlight on then investigate the cramped maintenance tunnel, equip the Wrench and be ready to ram it on any Mimics that pop up. Search for Janos Joszef’s corpse, whose head is adorned with a Psychoscope. Inspect him to grab the Psychoscope and a stash of Neuromods.

Having the Psychoscope in possession allows you to scan for any Typhon organisms, thus with it active, return to the find the hole from where you jumped down from. Above you, there should be additional Mimics alongside a Phantom (which are remains that the turret has failed to finish off). Focus the Psychoscope on the enemy to scan it, this will reveal additional details that will be essential in taking it out. If you scan a Mimic, this will bring up the Mimic Matter I ability which grants you the ability to transmogrify into a small object.


Scale the hole to reach the men’s locker room then take out the remaining Mimics or Phantoms. With the Psychoscope retrieved, you can now pass through the decontamination chamber. Inside, inspect Steven Mueller’s remains which is close to the Grav Shaft. Inspect then scan the Science Operator to collect some intel. Working in a similar fashion to the other Operators, the Science Operators will take care of your Psi meter. When you’re finally set, proceed to the Grav Shaft then take it to the Atrium.


Obtainable Items

  • Keycode: Dr. Kelstrup’s Safe

Once you reach the Atrium’s entrance you will be interrupted by a message. Start off by checking the 4 containment chambers in the Atrium’s central section. 3 of the 4 each have a Phantom nestled, with some of the chambers requiring that you lift the lowered containment shield prior to scanning its insides. Interact with proper execution to raise the containment shield. Begin scanning the Phantoms inside to add to your findings. In order to fully finish this assignment, you need to scan 4 Phantoms. By the time you complete it, spend the Neuromods to unlock Kinetic Blast I and II. These provides you with the ability to launch psychic attack on enemies using Psi energy. The best specimen to scan are the captive Typhon organisms as opposed to the ones released. Do this for all Typhon organisms that inhabit the area. When you finish, you will obtain a keycode to unlock Dr. Kelstrup’s safe which houses some Neuromods. This will activate the next objective.

Objective 3 – Dr. Kelstrup’s Neuromods

Before you depart for Dr. Kelstrup’s office to locate the safe, you must investigate the Atrium first.

Director’s Office

Obtainable Items:

  • Neuromod Fabrication License
  • Neuromod (2)
  • Keycard: Hans Kelstrup’s Cabin
  • Keycard: Director Kelstrup’s Office

Once you have finished the investigation, proceed to Dr. Kelstrup’s office. Check both windows then swing your wrench to break the GLOO filled residue that cover the Windows. With the GLOO removed, break in through the window.

You will arrive inside the spacious office. Search for the doctor’s remains, then look above to find an electrical junction for you to fix. Apply some GLOO on the junction then repair it. You may opt to head to the maintenance access panel to reach the Power Kiosk to turn off the power before you begin fixing, however if you desire to inspect the doctor’s workstation, Recycler and Fabricator you have to restore the power again.

To wrap up on this assignment, key in the code 7993 on the passcode to open it then collect the items inside. With the fabrication license, you will now be able to craft your own Neuromods.

Inspect his workstation then on the Utilities tab, choose LG Conference Room then key in “Allow Access.” This will unlock the hidden doorway that will take you to Kelstrup’s Looking Glass station. While still on the Utilities interface, select the archive footage to find 2 videos that recall the events of the Typhon. Before you leave, check the doctor’s emails to find additional information. Check his corpse to obtain the 2 keycards, the first unlocks his office, and the second opens the Crew Quarters cabin.

Since you can now manufacture Neuromods begin by opening the Recycler from your inventory, then choose Fabricator. This will consume 1 organic block, 1 mineral block and 1 synthetic block to craft 1 Neuromod. The fabrication license guarantees at most 7 Neuromods. When you reach the limit, you will activate the optional objective.

Objective 4 – Copy Protection

If you receive the error, you will obtain a message from Alex. To start the objective, head to the Graves’ office found at the Neuromod Division then renew your license in order to fabricate Neuromods beyond the limit. At the moment, remain in the Psychotronics.

Looking Glass Station

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: LG Touch Screen Calibration
  • Audio Recording: We Need to Talk About Annalise
  • Suit Chipset
  • Recycler Charge

Situated at the back of the Doctor’s office, beside the Fabricator is a locked door. This is the door unlocked through his workstation. Using his office keycard will open the door, which allows you to enter the Looking Glass station.

Head down the stairs which leads to Dr. Kelstrup’s Looking Glass station. Search the TranScribe that is resting on the ground to receive the recording. Listen to it to obtain some information on the Doctor. Inspect the display then pinpoint the green coordinate, interact with it as it appears to trigger an event. This informs you of the location of the maintenance area.

Pass through the short hall situated on the station’s left to find the maintenance access panel. Interact with the panel then squeeze through to investigate the site at the back of Dr. Kelstrup’s Looking Glass station. Retrieve the junk items scattered here. As you leave the area, be wary of the Phantom lurking while you were busy calibrating the touch screen earlier. Unload a GLOO Cannon to incapacitate the Phantom, hampering its movement to make it easier to scan, then finish it off with either your Wrench or Silenced Pistol. Return to the Doctor’s office then all the way back to the Atrium.


As you return to the Atrium, go to the huge circular door labeled “Containment.” Face the door then allow it to open on its own, past this door is a huge containment cell flowing with orange energy, use Scan to examine the Weaver specimen. Head past the large containment chamber and go straight to “Labs B.” Enter then go upstairs to arrive at the catwalk. Investigate the labs first before finally going to the G.U.T.S..

Labs B

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: How You Holding Up?
  • Turret
Source: Youtube

As you reach the landing of the stairs, go inside the first door to your left to reach “Labs B.” This site is teeming with Mimics, so you might have to spend some time sweeping the area. Before you take one out though, be sure to scan it first. A good tactic is to crouch low with the flashlight off, then scan it before it notices your presence. If you cannot attempt to do it in this way, you could alternatively incapacitate one with the GLOO Cannon before you can freely do your scanning. Apart from Mimics, there might be some lurking Phantoms. Employ stealth and be prepared to stop their tracks with the GLOO Cannon, then dispose of them with either the Silenced Pistol or Shotgun.

With the area clean, search the remains for supplies and spare parts to add to your inventory.

Labs B Turret

In case the Mimics and Phantoms have assembled into a frenzy, you can locate the broken turret resting on the nearby hall, just outside Helen Barker-Comb’s office. Fix the turret then deploy it, call the Mimics and Phantoms to get them within the turret’s range. If you have more than 1 Typhon ability, it might do more harm than good, thus be sure to hack it in this case.

Leave “Labs B” then search for the remains of Rory Manion. His body lies at the corridor situated outside the Behavioral Biometrics. Inspect it to find an audio recording, listen to it to obtain some clues. Next to his corpse is the entrance to the Behavioral Biometrics. With the Wrench, smash the GLOO residue access the entrance.

Behavioral Biometrics

Obtainable Items:

  • Neuromod (2)
  • Typhon Lure
  • Nullwave Transmitter (2)

There are several useful resources contained in the lab. With the Typhon Lure, you can temporarily distract any nearby Typhons which can stall some time for you to either escape, ambush, or observe the specimen. To demonstrate, activate the button beside the “Nightlight” chamber to see the effect.

Focus on the Mimic inside the chamber and scan it, do the same for the Greater Mimic that is trapped in the Nullwave chamber. Notice that the third chamber houses a peculiar shining gold material. Pass through the doorway for an event.

Head to Rory Manion’s workstation then operate the Nullwave Transmitters. First choose the Utilities tab then deploy the Transmitter into the Greater Mimic’s containment chamber. Watch as your Psi meter becomes temporarily nullified by the time the device explodes. With the Nullwave Transmitter, it gives you an advantage against psionic-based Typhon lifeforms. You can even freely toss these at a distance or plant them on immobile objects. Before you leave his workstation, be sure to collect the 2 Transmitters resting on the desk.

Mitsuo Tokaji’s Office

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: Project Cobalt
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Nullwave Transmitter (2)

To enter Mitsuo Tokaji’s Office, first equip the Wrench then swing it at the window. Follow up with the Huntress Boltcaster, focus on the Utilities tab then release a well-placed shot at the button found on the lower half of the screen to release the lock. It might require a couple of tries to successfully unlock it. As you open the path to Tokaji’s office, check the area for supplies then inspect her TranScribe.


Leave “Labs B” area then cross the catwalk that leads to “Labs A.” As you pass through, take a pitstop at the Airlock then release the lock. This unlocks the Psychotronics allowing you to pass through Talos I’s exterior, this joins the path between Psychotronics and the Hardware Labs. Inspect Andrea Hudson’s remains to obtain some supplies. Proceed to “Labs A.”

Labs A

Obtainable Items:

  • Turret

Go through the doorway to reach “Labs A” to trigger an event. Arm yourself with your desired weapon to take out any incoming Mimics. Inside the first room, fix the broken turret. At this point, you may choose to bring it over to the adjacent room. Again, if you need to, hack the turret to avoid any injury.

In the second room, inspect Sebastian Avery’s remains to obtain some items. Now head over to Annalise Gallegos’ office to find it locked. Before you break in, check the note beside the window to discover some information. Continue by breaking the GLOO remains. Set the turret to face this window. With the turret in position, break the GLOO residue, then allow the turret to do its job in cleaning the Mimics that build up. If you prefer, you may also throw a Recycler Charge into the window to sweep the area. If you plan to scan them, be sure to prepare the Psychoscope beforehand.

Annalise Gallegos’ Office

Obtainable Items:

  • Neuromod
  • Audio Recording: Mementos
  • Audio Recording: The Volunteers Silenced Pistol

With the area clean of Mimics, squeeze through the window to enter Annalise Gallegos’ office. Although she may still remain on her desk, she is already deceased. Collect the Neuromod on the desk, then check her corpse for 2 audio recordings from her TranScribe. By playing the Mementos recording, you will receive another optional objective. Before you leave, check Cory Richard’s body to find Silenced Pistol ammunition.

Objective 5 – Whistleblower

To trigger this optional objective, listen to the Mementos audio recording. As you arrive at the Crew Quarters, browse Gallegos’ habitation pod to find some evidence.

Phantom Attack

As you finish investigation her office, be prepared to find some Phantoms lurking “Labs A” and a lone one found at Medical Bay. Equip the GLOO Cannon, then have the set turret to sweep the area. If you need some healing, deploy the Medical Operator through the dispenser found in the Medical Bay.


Retrace your steps to reach the Atrium then follow the path to the Containment. On the left of the massive containment chamber lies a corridor that will take you to the Material Extraction. Take note that ruptured gas lines have consumed this corridor with fire, to remedy this, use the GLOO Cannon to close the first breach. A number of unfriendly Mimics will annoy you, however they will be burned if they come in contact with the fire. To deal with them, take some steps back and let the fire consume them. With the site clear of Mimics, follow the corridor, sealing the ruptures with your GLOO Cannon as you go. By the time you reach the corridor’s far corner, remove the GLOO deposits with the Wrench to open the path to the Material Extraction.

Material Extraction

Obtainable Items:

  • Keycode: Armory
  • Audio Recording: Million Dollar Caulk Gun

Within the 4 walls of the containment cell, you will come across a “volunteer.” Come close to the cell to activate the next optional objective. In this objective, it will put the “volunteer’s” life in your hands. If you scan the person inside, you will receive a new research entry.

Objective 6 – The Psychotronics Prisoner

Operate the console parallel to the holding cell. If you inspect the Volunteer Record, you will find the some details on the experiment conducted on the test subject: Aaron Ingram. The recommended path is to release the prisoner which is by controlling the Door Control Tab to release the holding cell’s lock. Once you free Aaron Ingram, he will bestow you with the keycode to unlock the Armory. If however you choose to seal his fate, throw a Recycler Charge inside to destroy the Mimics, this will allow you to extract the exotic material derived from their remains.

Armory: Alternative Entry

If you killed the prisoner, you can still enter the Armory. To do this, inspect the corridor window then remove the GLOO deposits using the Wrench. With the Huntress Boltcaster, shoot through the window opening to trigger a switch, if it is a clear hit, you will release the lock to the Armory’s door.


Obtainable Items:

  • GLOO Cannon
  • Neuromod
  • EMP Charge
  • Shotgun (2)
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Silenced Pistol Fabrication License
  • Shotgun Shells Fabrication License
  • Turret

Whichever path you chose, go through the Armory to snatch several supplies. Inside you will also find a turret, and Demian Linn’s remains.

Material Storage

Over at the other side of the holding cell is a door that leads to the Material Storage. In order to enter this room, you must have sealed the exterior hull breach. Inside, check Kristine Lloyd’s corpse which is resting by the door to find her TranScribe, listen to it to hear the audio recording that will initiate the next objective.

Objective 7 – Million Dollar Caulk Gun

In case you want to gain access to the Material Storage, you have to finish Jose Costa’s work on his behalf. Return to the Airlock situated in Psychotronics to reach the exterior of Talos I. Search for the remains of Jose Costa to find a linear gash beside him. With your GLOO Cannon, seal the breach then head back to Psychotronics. You can now enter the Material Storage.

Deploy the turret that you have picked up from the Armory to take out the Phantom inside the storage. Now that the coast is clear, scavenge the surroundings for supplies. Apart from items, if you inspect the site’s floor you can collect some exotic material blocks. If you enter the 2 holding cells you will obtain some food. Next stop is to head back to the Containment then pass through the corridor to reach the next area.

Live Exam

Obtainable Items:

  • Hypo Psi Fabrication License
  • Scope Chipset

Ignore the path that directs to G.U.T.S. for now, and inspect the Live Exam terminal which lies next to the containment chamber. Bring up the Live Exam Controls tab on the terminal then choose “Open Containment Shield.” With the shield open, bring out the Psychoscope then scan the Weaver contained inside the central chamber.

The Weaver will eventually come in contact with the body that is contained in the Live Exam’s chamber which will produce a Voltaic Phantom. Scan this enemy to gather some intel. Armed with the EMP Charge, fire at the Voltaic Phantom to momentarily nullify its abilities. By the time it escapes the containment chamber, fire at it with the Q-Beam. From a safe distance, focus the beam on the target to blow it up. When it emits electrical charges, it will jam the Q-Beam and GLOO Cannon, a quick remedy is to switch your weapon to the Silenced Pistol and Shotgun. Begin to strafe backwards as you pull the trigger on it, this will soon cause it to fall.

As you finish off the Voltaic Phantom, the experiment will finally come to fruition and the G.U.T.S. path will be revealed. You will receive an incoming message from Alex, as he is talking, inspect the site for some items. Search around Ruby Stone’s corpse to find a Hypo Psi fabrication license.


Obtainable Items:

  • Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication License
  • Neuromod (2)
  • Keycard: Morgue
  • Keycard: Sylvain Bellamy’s Cabin
  • Turret

Before you resume your trip to the G.U.T.S., head over to the Morgue first through the Grav Shaft inside the Live Exam. Find the broken turret nearby Demian Linn’s workstation, then fix it. This gives you a chance to deploy it in front of the door that directs to the Mimic-infested autopsy room. As you remain in this room, collect the Medkit and Anti-Rad Pharma fabrication license before you exit.

Over at the adjacent autopsy room, let the turret finish off the Mimics that escape from within. Face the automatic door, then strafe to the side to get out of the turret’s line of fire. Once the autopsy room is free of Mimics, collect the supplies and examine Mitsuo Tokaji’s remains.

With the Morgue door’s lock still intact, you need to devise a way to enter. Bring the Wrench out and smash the window that beside Demian Linn’s table, then with the Huntress Boltcaster, fire at the switch near the morgue’s door. Enter and grab the Neuromods and the keycard resting on the crash cart to unlock the Morgue.

The Corpse Vanishes (Cont.)

Again Dr. Bellamy will make another appearance. Inside the Morgue, inspect his remains to obtain a keycard that unlocks his cabin found in Crew Quarters.

G.U.T.S. Access

Take the Grav Shaft to reach the Live Exam once again then make a right through the corridor to reach G.U.T.S.. Be vigilant of the patrolling Phantom and take it out by sneaking to the operational turret which is close to the G.U.T.S. door. Advance past the turrets to enter the next location.

Gravity Utility Tunnel System: Engineering Level

Obtainable Items:

  • Recycler Charge (2)

Before you go inside the tunnel system, you may want to check the Recycler first which is found on the lower level nearby an Operator Dispenser. With the hacking skill, you can set an Engineering Operator to repair the suit. While you’re at it, grab some supplies scattered in this area: one is found resting nearby Eric Berger’s workstation, and the other is tucked inside a cabinet.

Maintenance Tunnel

Obtainable Items:

  • EMP Charge Fabrication License
  • EMP Charge (3)
  • Neuromod
  • Keycode: Maintenance Tunnel
Source: Youtube

Getting across G.U.T.S. plays out like the exploration of Talos I’s exterior. Inspect Eric Berger’s remains to retrieve the EMP Charge fabrication license. Turn on your flashlight then follow the tunnel’s next section to see through the some dimly lit parts. As soon as the tunnel terminates, enter the circular door on the far end, then keep going passing through the signs that lead to the Cargo Tunnel and Magnetosphere.

Past this door are some peculiar looking Typhons, bring up your Psychoscope then scan these specimens. Face the nests attached to the tunnel system walls and take them out with your GLOO Cannon. To deal with swarms, usually a GLOO Cannon does the job, while Silence Pistol takes care of single encounters.

Beyond the Monitor Station there are some supplies scattered around. However be wary of the the doorway that is lined with another hive. A few GLOO Cannon shots should clean the sides off, but if some Cystoids manage to escape, be sure you are not close to the gas lines. Pass through the doorway to advance to next section.

Things become repetitive as more Nests wrap around the sides, exterminate the site as you go. Switch the flashlight on, then inspect Kimberly Bomo’s corpse to obtain a keycode. Clean the rest of the tunnel section off any swarms in order to safely input the code to release the door’s lock.

In comparison to the previous tunnel sections, this next one is severely infested. Bring up the Psychoscope to scan for Cystoid Nests and any active swarms to make things easier to identify. Ensure that you are within a safe distance then fire with the GLOO Cannon. There should be a Monitor Station up ahead containing a stash of Neuromods.

The last door found at far end of this section is jammed. Inspect the side for an electrical junction nearby and repair it. Apply some GLOO before you do so. Although this does not fix the door’s problem, you are now free to pass through with the electric field out of the way.

Your propulsion system will act funny as you go through the next section. January will then contact you. With the cargo tunnel entrance locked, you need to find an alternate path that passes through Magnetosphere. Search for Ramon Ridley’s remains at the central section to obtain some items, beside it is the Magnetosphere entrance.


Source: Youtube

Medical Bay

You will notice that inside the Magnetosphere control room the gravity is activated. Turn left to find a broken door, enter through the door’s base to arrive at the Medical Bay using Mimic Matter I Typhon ability.

Revert to your normal form inside the Trauma Center then inspect for some supplies. If you need to, you can use a Medical Operator. Stockpile on some supplies then transform again to pass through the broken door. Keep in mind that this will spend some Psi energy.

Magnetosphere Controls

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: Anders has the Key
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit (2)
  • Recycler Charge (2)
  • Neuromod (2)
  • Keycard: Maintenance Tunnel
  • EMP Charge (3)
  • Nullwave Transmitter
  • The Starbender Cycle: Book 2

Head to the control room, check on Laurel Davis’ corpse to receive her TranScribe then listen to the audio recordings to obtain some clues. This area houses some plasma shockwaves which caused the propulsion system to malfunction before. With Hacking III, you can use it on Laurel Davis’ workstation. Unlock the emergency supply compartment inside the chamber, then turn off the Magnetosphere. You can now easily grab the keycard from Anders Kline’s body as you remain inside the chamber.

Security Station and Safe

Still in the control room, interact with the security station to install a map of the G.U.T.S.. Then from the Crew tab, search for Josh Dalton who is found on Hardware Labs to aid you on your next optional objective. Before you leave the control room, take note of a safe under the stairs to retrieve some supplies. Proceed to the restroom then check the shelf, the password should be at the back of the toilet paper. Before you exit, there should be a book from the same shelf.

Armed with the GLOO Cannon, climb upstairs to reach the corridor. Be wary of the Cystoids that inhabit the corridor, since the gravity is off Cystoids no longer stay on air. In this case you have to put up a field of GLOO deposits to repel them. If they happen to start a fire, have the GLOO Cannon extinguish the ember. Before you squeeze through the ventilation that overlooks the passage, you may want to refill your Psi energy from the Science Operator. Inside the ventilation you can find some supplies.

Get through the Magnetosphere chamber to find the corpse of Anders Kline. Use the propulsion system with gravity off. If you manage to turn Magnetosphere off from Anders Kline’s workstation, the plasma pulses should not be problematic. If you see Anders Kline’s remains, retrieve the supplies along with the Maintenance Tunnel keycard.

Emergency Supply Compartment

Resting at the peak of the chamber you can find the emergency supply compartment which houses several supplies. You have to examine Laurel Davis’ workstation to gain access to the compartment.

Leave the Magnetosphere chamber then report back to the control room. When you’re close to the stairs, be wary of the Engineering Operators. Cripple them with the GLOO Cannon, then scan to obtain some vital information. Put them out of misery with the Disruptor Stun Gun/ Silence Pistol. Inspect their corpse for some supplies.

Maintenance Tunnel

Head back to the Maintenance tunnel to face the cargo tunnel door. Release the lock using the keycard to find a bunch of golden substances decorating the tunnel. Tread as you normally would as they are harmless.

Cargo Tunnel

Source: Youtube

The maintenance terminates in a T-intersection. Check the signs leading to the Arboretum. Bring the Psychoscope to examine the Weaver lying at the middle, then finish it off with the Q-Beam before you pass through. With the Weaver out of the way, exterminate the Cystoid Nests with the GLOO Cannon.

The Blackbox Project (Cont.)

Hunt down Josh Dalton before you proceed, whose body is tucked in a corner section of the tunnel. Head down the cargo tunnel which leads to the Cargo Bay. Head past the curved tube to reach Subsection 16, climb down the bottom section of the tunnel then follow the conveyance track.

Go through the pipe to find Josh Dalton’s remains covered with Cystoids. Take them out with Q-Beam to find some items, his TranScribe, and the Blackbox Lab keycard. If you look around, there should be a levitating Q-Beam ammo nearby. Listen to the audio recording to hear about what happened to Josh. In order to continue with the objective, head to the Beams and Waves Lab within Hardware Labs then use the keycard.

Radioactive Waste

As you pass through the Cargo tunnel, keep distance from the radioactive waste-filled canisters. In case you do, you need to consume some Anti-Rad Pharma pills to cure yourself. Eliminate all traces of the radiation by using the Recycler Charges on the canisters.

Executive Level

Obtainable Items:

  • Typhon Lure
  • Recycler Charge

Keep going through the cargo tunnel to eventually come across the entrance to the Arboretum, being mindful of any Cystoids you find along the way. From the tunnel system you will eventually arrive at the storage area, gather any supplies you find then enter the door.


G.U.T.S. Loading Bay

Obtainable Items:

  • Disruptor Stun Gun
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Neuromod
  • Audio Recording: Find Grant Lockwood

Move cautiously as the loading bay is filled with Mimics. Inside you will also find the Recycler and Fabricator. As you find these mechanisms, inspect the surroundings to find the remains of Jia Kyung-Ho. Take his supplies. Look at his side to find a Disruptor Stun Gun.

Objective 8 – Disgruntled Employee

To start the next objective, switch on the recording from Jia Kyung-Ho’s TranScribe. In order to continue with the objective, you have to reach Deep Storage.

Scale the stairs close by to reach the landing with an unpowered door. Past it is a path where you will encounter an unknown Typhon variation patrolling. You will be warned to not approach it. If you can, attempt to scan it with the Psychoscope from a safe distance. Break through the unpowered door by using the Leverage III ability. If you don’t have enough skills, you need to search for another way.

Starting from the door, take a right turn to find Marc Sellers’ remains suspended from a nearby duct. Frisk his pockets for supplies then leap to gain passage to the duct. Inside, squeeze through to reach the passage on top. To exit from the duct, leap upwards past the opening.

Objective 9 – Lift Interference

While you’re passing through the duct, you will receive a call from January. To continue this objective you have to pass through the Arboretum Foyer situated in Talos I Lobby.

Experimental Plants

Obtainable Items:

  • Shotgun
  • Turret (2)

Objective 10 – Gardening Tips

Seek for the fertilizer dispenser to find a note, take it to initiate the objective. This objective requires that you search for the whereabouts of Dr. Howard.

Supply Closet

If you have the Hacking I ability, you can access the keypad next to the supply closet. Inside there are a number of supplies and a camouflaged Mimic.

Head downstairs and search for Evelyn McCarthy’s remains. Close to her lifeless body is a Shotgun, in addition some turrets can also be found. This is the best time to hack the turrets if you have more than 1 Typhon Ability. Take one of the turrets for keeps and bring it up to the green house.

Green House

Obtainable Items:

  • Keycode: Storage AR01
  • Nullwave Transmitter
  • Water Pressure Regulator
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Suit Chipset
  • Recycler Charge

Go inside the green house’s entrance to find Rodney S. Poole. A dialogue will ensue. Before you follow his advice, scan the levitating Typhon inside. Remain beside the window and scan the rest of the host bodies to expand your findings. To ensure your safety, do not attempt to go near a “host body.”

Dr. Howard’s Password

To operate the Green House console, you need to search for Dr. Julien Howard’s password. The code is tucked inside a note near Iris Stein’s body found at the Crew Quarters foyer. Inspect the chessboard nearby for an item.

Objective 11 – Save Rani

Snatch the note from the floor to start the objective. If you wish to save the crew members, you need to destroy the Telepath.

With your turret, set it outside the green house to attract the Telepath. Once the Telepath glides through the roof, call its attention and eliminate it with the Q-Beam. If you are successful, the crew members will become unconscious.

If you need an alternative, you have to operate the console to release the door locks. Again, you can use either Hacking III or input Julien Howard’s password. As the Telepath comes out, take it out. Be wary of the “crew members,” if you need to defend yourself, use the Disruptor Stun Gun.

By the time you defeat the Telepath, go through the greenhouse and find Rani Chaudhary who will congratulate you with a code to the Weapons Locker (Storage AR01) on her crew’s behalf. To continue on this objective, you need to get through the weapons locker.

Take a moment to refill your supplies, there are Jamon Tomatoes and Skyking Pomengranates as well as items from the supply crate that rests close to the area’s main door. Refill your Psi energy if you wish through the Science Operators. If you inspect the unconscious members: Rodney S. Poole and Mickey Pitt Sr., you can find additional items. Outside the green house, by the backdoor you can find another item from Edna Burton.

Water Pressure Regulator

Search for the workbench in the green house interior to find the water pressure regulator.

Lobby Access

Obtainable Items:

  • Neuromod
  • Typhon Lure
  • Recycler Charge
  • Audio Recording: Three Taps of a Wrench
  • Turret

Once you finish inspecting the green house, head down the huge steps (where you fixed 2 turrets beforehand). Go through the corridor which points to the Talos I Lobby. The doorway at the far end is lined with 2 active turrets. As you go, inspect the remains of Jenny King to obtain some items. Continue down the corridor to find a deceased Lily Morris’, examine her TranScribe and play the recording start the next objective.

Objective 12 – Talos Smuggling Ring

Note that the 1st drop point lies on top of Morris’ remains, you need to check for the red alarm bell. Swing the Wrench three times against it to unlock a camouflaged safe that contains supplies. Similar to the first alarm bell, there are others scattered around the area, thus keep your eyes peeled if you plan to finish the rest.

Medical Bay

If you need to patch up, there is a Medical Bay to the right of the corridor. Apart from healing, you can find a maintenance access panel that is barricaded by 2 crates. With Leverage I, you can move them and squeeze under the nearby duct. There are alternate routes to pass if you seek to get in. The other route is to break the 2 aquarium screens that sandwich the Talos I Lobby doorway. Either way as you reach the secret storage prepare for an encounter.

Secret Storage

Obtainable Items:

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit (2)
  • Shotgun Fabrication License
  • Recycler Charge

Scan the Typhon to find some intel then begin to bait it to come out to the lobby access corridor. With the two turrets active, you can save ammo but if you wish unload a Q-Beam at the Etheric Phantom to stop its tracks.

Inspect the interior to obtain some resources. At the central portion is a huge security cage which is loaded with additional supplies. If you need to check the inside of the cage, use Mimic Matter I to find a departed Carin Buckley and some supplies. Exit out the cage then enter the door that directs to the Talos I Lobby.

Talos I Lobby

Arboretum Foyer

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: Morgan’s Breakdown
  • Keycard: Hendrik DeVries’ Office

From the foyer, stay low and employ stealth to get to the lift. Notice the Typhon organism, bring out the Psychoscope and scan it to find that it’s a Technopath.

Lift Interference (Cont.)

From a distance, throw one EMP Charge and Nullwave Transmitter against the group. This should stop the Corrupter Operators from advancing to buy some time to eliminate the Technopath. Unload a fully loaded Q-Beam on the Technopath until it bursts. Finish off the Corrupter with the Disruptor Stun Gun. January will eventually inform you of some changes. Check the surroundings to find Hendrik DeVries lifeless remains, listen to the recording to trigger another objective.

Objective 13 – Do no Harm

Inspect the remains of DeVries’ to obtain a keycard that unlocks his office found in the Trauma Center. If you report back to the Talos I Lobby’s Trauma Center, you can continue with this objective. Head to the Arboretum.


Security Booth

Obtainable Items:

  • GLOO Cannon
  • Hypo (Psi) Fabrication License
  • Weapon Upgrade Kit

As you arrive at Arboretum, bring one of the repaired turrets and set it in front of the Crew Quarters entry. Be wary of the Phantoms patrolling past the makeshift barricade. To call their attention, smash the GLOO deposits at the entry, then have them follow you towards the turret’s line of sight. Keep out of the turret’s reach and let it clean up after you. There is another threat patrolling by the stairwell, so be sure to take it out.

Once the area becomes free of Phantoms, head back to your turret and let it aim towards the security booth. If you have Hacking II, remove the booth’s lock. As the door opens, stay out of the turret’s line of fire and allow it to fire at the Corrupter Operators that will emerge. As you reach the security booth, examine the station to install a map of the area. If you plan on finishing the Gardening Tips objective, pinpoint his location on the HUD to find his remains. Before you wrap up on the booth, take your fill of supplies from the surroundings. One of them is hidden inside one of the lockers.

Weapons Locker

Obtainable Items:

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit Silenced Pistol (2)
  • Shotgun Turret (2)

Leave the security booth and go down the path that leads to the weapons locker. Bring up the Psychoscope and scan the approaching enemy from a safe distance. Deploy the turret to have it take care of the Etheric Phantom. Open fire alongside the turret with your GLOO Cannon to eventually fell it.

Save Rani (Cont.)

With the Keycode from Rani, unlock Storage AR01. Inside you will find a variety of combat-based supplies. Take the turrets and deploy these at the weapons locker’s exterior. Opening the locker and taking the turrets should wrap up on this objective.

Deep Storage Access

Obtainable Items:

  • Audio Recording: Hacking Into Deep Storage
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Keycard: Crew Quarters
  • Hordinbaffle’s Treasure Map

Carry one of the turrets along as you head to the Deep Storage Grav Shaft. In case you missed it, the Etheric Phantom might pop up close to the shafts, so be ready to deploy the turret at the plaza flanked by the Grav Shafts. Go inside the Grav Shaft to reach for the Deep Storage.

On the floor, you will find the lifeless Zachary West collapsed by the Deep Storage doorway. Inspect the remains for some supplies and listen to the TranScribe recording to give you some findings to relay to January. As you exit, frisk West’s remains to find the Crew Quarters keycard along with a note which signifies another objective.

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