Walther Dahl Character Profile [Prey]

This page contains the character profile for Walther Dahl in Prey, including story information, interactions and missions involving him.

This is a Prey character profile guide. Here you will find details on Walther Dahl, a supporting character in Prey.

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Walther Dahl Character Profile

“We must all act according to our nature. No matter what the psychologists and priests say..
– Walther Dahl

A Recovery Team Leader serving the TranStar Board of Directors, he is an expert in electronic combat and infiltration, and takes on the most dire of situations with as a rather cold pragmatist.

He is known for demanding complete obedience from his subordinates, and prefers to work alongside operators.

Walther can be found in Life Support near the Oxygen Control Chamber. He’s armed with a silenced pistol, and you can choose either to kill him or leave him behind.  If you don’t leave him behind and allow Igwe to erase his memory, he’ll be in one of the end-game choices you can choose for your character, piloting his command shuttle for you all to escape in.

(See Incapacitate Dahl and All Dahl Sidequests Walkthrough)

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