Mimic Enemy Profile [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on the Mimic, an enemy you’ll encounter in TALOS-I.

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Mimic Enemy Profile 

Known as Typhon Cacoplasmus, the Mimic looks far less deadly than it truly is.


First encountered by the soviets in the 1960s, this monster is also the first typhon discovered by humans.
The Vorona satellite was launched in 1958 by the USSR to get ahead of the US in the space race. Stationed at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2, it was assigned to transmit deep-space telemetry to Earth.

The Typhon presumably made contact with the Vorona satellite and absorbed its crew. The mimic’s first appearance officially was in a video feed. Two astronauts who had come to check up on the ship found the crew to be missing, and were set upon by the ravenous arachnoid creatures.

Scientists have observe the reproductive abilities of these creatures. They have concluded that by absorbing living matter, they are able to have a kind of psychoactive mitosis, creating more and more of themselves.


Mimics mimic inanimate objects. The best way to take note of this is to check if there are more than one items in the room–there’s a higher probability that there’s one in the room with you. Upon consuming biomatter, it reproduces itself. This will go on ad infinitum. It’s  best that you prevent them from consuming other organisms, or they will be a harder threat to handle. 


This monster is weak to GLOO and Q-BeamHowever, it is immune to EMP.

Scan one with a psychoscope and you’ll find that you can scan Mimic Matter I, II, and III from it. With the mimic detection chipset for your psychoscope, you can scan rooms for hidden mimics.

In the presence of voltaic phantoms, mimics often gain the electric characteristics of their allies. This is bad news for you, so it should be a priority to take them out immediately as you see them.

When in doubt, head for the high ground. 

Dropped Items

  • Typhon Organ
  • Mimic Tumor
  • Shotgun Shells
  • 9mm Bullets

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