Enemies Directory [Prey]

This is a Prey enemies directory . Here you will is discover the strange horrors you will encounter on the TALOS-I space station.

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prey enemies

TALOS-I is not a safe place. Shadowy creatures prowl its halls. Spider-like things mimic the form of miniature objects, waiting to strike. And strange, floating abominations aimlessly wander like eldritch ghosts.

This is a Prey enemies guide.

Most of your enemies are aliens of a race called Typhon. The Typhon were discovered back in the 1960s by the Russians, causing a short-lived joint research program between the US and USSR. Eventually, the station was abandoned, only to be reacquired by a company, TranStar, sometime in the future.

The Typhon are smoky, wispy monsters. Their physiology is incomprehensibly alien.

Prey Enemies directory 

Cystoid Mimic Nightmare
Phantom Poltergeist Telepath
Technopath Weaver Operators

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