Sylvain Bellamy Character Profile [Prey]

This is a Prey character profile guide. Here you will find details on Sylvain Bellamy, a character in Prey.

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Sylvain Bellamy Character Profile 

Good morning Morgan. I’m Doctor Bellamy, looks like we got some tests to run today.

sylvain bellamy
Sylvain Bellamy is a seemingly kind middle-aged man who runs the TranStar testing facility. The player will meet him when they first enter the test labs.

Sylvain subjects you to a couple of tests, and often glances at his companions, speaking cryptically and awkwardly. However, he genuinely speaks gently to the person

However, his life is cut short when he tragically meets his end from a Mimic. The monster latches on to him and harvests his biomatter as the security team’s

Quests involving Sylvain
First Day on the Job Find Bellamy’s Body

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