How to get the Artemis Pistol [Prey]

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Artemis Pistol Guide

A gold-plated trophy pistol once belonging to the four-time world champion sport shooter, Seleth Rain. The champion visited Talos I to capture a connectome of his brain in the Neuromod Division. During his visit he was moved to present the pistol as a gift to Captain Jada Marks.

Weapon Base Stats
Weapon Type  Pistol
Firepower 12
Magazine Capacity 15
Range 15 Meters
Accuracy 60%
Ammo 9mm Bullets
Weapon Size 2 Inventory Slots


The Artemis pistol can be found in the Crew Quarters. Complete the Golden Gun side mission to find this weapon. It’s located in a safe within the crew quarters. With a Hacking IV ability, you can get this pistol easily. However, without Hacking IV, you can also get the code by looking for Marietta Kyrkos’ TranScribe.

Marietta Kyrkos’ body is near a damaged electrical injunction along the path to Alex’s office on the roof of the Looking Glass Station.


Note: Upgrades apart from Level 1 need higher and higher Gunsmith levels.

Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Firepower 13 14
Magazine Capcaity 17 20 23 27
Range 20m 25m 30m 35m
Accuracy 0.65 0.7 0.75 0.8 0.85

Best Used Against

This weapon is best used against mimics and cystoids and other low-health enemies. You can also take out humanoid monsters if you upgrade its capacity and firepower.

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