Life Support – All Weapons, Items, Enemies, and Secrets [Prey]

This is a Prey locations guide. Here you will find details on the Life Support location, including items, weapons, and secrets.

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Life Support Location Guide


1st Floor

1F Areas Description
Cargo Bay Corridor Leads to the cargo bay.
Service Requests A little area with one computer open. Found near Cargo Bay corridor.
Gravity Shaft Goes straight to B2, which is on the way to the Power Plant. 
Locker Room Located next the Decontamination Chamber leading into Atmosphere Control.
Atmosphere Control Controls the atmosphere of the station. You’ll have some quests to fix certain things in there.

2nd Floor

2F Areas Description
Security Booth Contains a security workstation and a safe
Main Lift Access Leads to the Talos-1 Main Elevator
Medbay There’s a cystoid nest lurking inside this medbay.  Contains an Operator Dispenser.
Restroom GLOOd up by a deceased resident. Contains a significant number of loot inside.  Contains one maintenance tunnel, and one grate.
Maintenance Tunnel (Restroom to Main Lift Access) Contains the body of Tobias Frost.
Maintenance Tunnel (Locker Room to Atmosphere Control) Leads into Atmosphere control.
Oxygen Flow Control This area is locked, but you can break its windows (the one next to the staircase), or access a maintenance access panel on the opposite side of the room.
Air Filtration Control Occupied by a poltergeist. You’ll find Jean Faure’s transcribe here.

Basement 1

B1  Areas Description
Water Quality Lab
Monitoring Station

Basement 2

B2 Areas Description
Grav Shaft Contains a fabricator. A nightmare might spawn here depending on your visit here.
Storage Room /Supply Closet Can be unlocked with the keycode found in Oxygen Flow Control (Life Support 2F).
Hallway to Escape Pods You can find a secret stash of guns and ammo here, as well as a scope chipset and a medkit.
Escape Pods Contains fake escape pods.
Power Plant Entrance Door panel is corrupted by a technopath.
Water Treatment Facility Contains a technopath.



Items How to Find
EMP Charge
  • 2 Can be found in Service Requests.
 Silenced Pistol
  • Found in Main Lift Access on the bodies of the dead.
GLOO cannon
  • Found in the restroom on the Life Support 2F next to Alton Weber’s corpse.
Recycler Charge
  • Found in the Escape Pods room.

Consumables and Ammo

Items How to Find
Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Found in Service Requests.
  • Found in the Supply Closet
  • One is found in the Life Support Medbay on a shelf.
  • Found in the safe in the security booth.
  • Three are found in the Supply Closet. 
  • Found in the Water Quality Lab inside the Water Treatment Facility.
  • Found in the Waste Processing Chamber on Price Broadway’s body.
 Shotgun Ammo
  • Found in Security Booth Safe
Typhon Lure
  • 3 Lures are found in the Supply Closet.

Key Items

Items How to Find
Suit Repair Kit Fabrication License
  • Found in Service Requests.
 Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication License
  •  Found in Medical Bay. (2F)
Security Station Safe Keycode
  • Looted off Erica Teague’s body in Main Lift Access
Security Office Keycard
  • Found in Restroom (2F)
Shotgun Shells Fabrication License
  • Found under a grate in the Restroom (2F). You’ll need leverage II or lift field II to get it.
Psychoactive Particle Injector
  • Found on Tobias Frost’s body under the rest room.
Silenced Pistol Fabrication License
  • Found in the Security Booth safe.
Supply Closet Keycode
  • Found in the Oxygen Flow control room.
Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication License
  • Found in the supply closet in B2.
Scope Chipset
  • Found in a hidden alcove on the waay to the Escape Pods.
Price Broadway’s Password
  • Found in a supply crate inside the Monitoring Station in the Water Treatment Facility.
Suit Chipset
  • Found inside the Monitoring Station in the Water Treatment Facility.


Enemy Name Located
Etheric Phantom
  • Some lurk in 1F near Service Requests.
  • One can be encountered in the Escape Pods area.
Thermal Phantom
  • Two are found in Atmosphere control.
  • Found behind the Gravity Shaft, B2.
  • One can be found inside the Escape Pod area.
Greater Mimic
  • Can be found in the escape pod area in the pod with the broken button.
  • Hides in Med Bay. 

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