Side Mission Walkthrough – The Corpse Vanishes [Prey]

This page contains a walkthrough of the Side Mission The Corpse Vanishes for Prey, including objectives, items and enemies encountered.

Side Mission Walkthrough – The Corpse Vanishes

To access this Side Mission, you’ll need to use John Gravilovic’s computer located in the Neuromod Division. You’ll recognize this as the first computer you’ll see in the Research & Design office after you make your way out of the Simulation Labs. Use the computer and read John’s emails.

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You’ll find out that Dr. Bellamy is allegedly doing research outside of the lab. He’s kept some Psychoscope research data in his crew cabin. Afterwards, you’ll need to find his body to get the keycard that opens his room. Head for the Trauma Center and look for his body. Once you get to the Talos-1 Lobby, check the front desk. There should be a keycard there for the Trauma Center. If not, you can try Bianca Goodwin’s office on the top floor (to be confirmed).

Once you have the keycard, proceed to the Trauma Center. You won’t find Dr. Bellamy’s body there. Prepare to engage some phantoms here. Afterwards, proceed to the Security Station computer to your left. Access the emails and you’ll find out that his body may have been moved to Psychotronics Area (click here to read a guide on how to access Psychotronics). Before leaving, grab the Tracking Bracelet that belongs to Dr. Bellamy here.

(to be continued)

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