Q-Beam Weapon Guide [Prey]

This is a Prey weapons page on the T-SQPB-S11 Quasiparticle Beam, or Q-Beam for short. Here you’ll find information about the weapons used in the 2017 sci-fi game, Prey.

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Q-Beam Guide

The T-SQPB-S11 Quasiparticle Beam is an experimental weapon that can trigger an explosive chain reaction when aimed at a group of Typhon. An experimental weapon in itself, the Q-Beam supercharges a foe with unstable energy.

Using the Q-beam means igniting an enemy with energy, lighting it green until it becomes unstable. Once it reaches critical mass, the enemy explodes. This means that fighting enemies using the q-beam requires that the monster be stunned or immobilized for better efficiency.

Weapon Base Stats
Weapon Type Experimental laser beam gun
Power 55kW
Handling 15%
Firing Time 5 Seconds
Reload Speed 100%
Ammo Q-Beam Cells
Weapon Size 4 Inventory Slots

Best Used Against

q-beamIt’s best if you use the Q-Beam on larger enemies. Take note that voltaic phantoms and other electricity-using enemies will interfere with your Q-beam. It’s best to enter the room with EMP charges to hinder these foes from attacking.

Make sure to reload, so that the gun is always fully loaded. Disable your enemy’s attacks with either a nullwave transmitter or an EMP charge to maximize the Q-beam’s effectiveness.

Where to Obtain

The Q-Beam is said to be hidden somewhere that no one is normally going to find it, and can be found either earlier or later in the game depending on player choice.

  • Another location is in the Hardware Labs itself. Called the “Beams and Waves Lab,” this place can only be accessed if you repair the breach failsafe in the Combustion lab during your space walk. See Breach Access for more information.
  • Another could be found in the Crew Quarters kitchen freezer.


Note: These stats can only be upgraded above level one with their respective Lab Tech skills.

Once you have the Q-Beam, quickly upgrade the monster. Upgrade it in such a way that you can inflict more damage before reloading.

Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Power 60kW 71kW 82kW 96kW 110kW
Handling 30% 50% 75%
Firing Time 5.6s 6.7s 8s 10s
Reload Speed 120% 145%

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