Cystoid Enemy Profile [Prey]

This is a Prey guide. Here you will find details on the Cystoid, an enemy you’ll encounter in TALOS-I.

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Cystoid Enemy Profile 

cystoidCystoids are the smallest of the monsters you’ll meet on Talos-1. You might think that they’re very harmless, like the mimics, but I can assure you that they’re a lot tougher than they look.

The size of a softball, these monsters are basically  tiny, mobile bombs. They live in Cystoid nests, and often rush at you when they sense that you’ve entered the area.


The easiest way to deal with these freaks is to toss an object in their direction, triggering their kamikaze attack. This also means that you can lead enemies into nests and trigger the explosion to deal a devastating amount of damage. Another way of dealing with cystoids and nests is to use Kinetic Blast or any other damage-dealing power. The kinetic blast has a knack for disintegrating cystoid nests without releasing the little monsters.

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  1. so i’m in the crew quarters & there is this thing that sends up something that resembles a tornado like spout that traps you in it & sends you up in it,is this a monster of some kind?? i don’t know what to make of it if it’s good or bad??

  2. one very easy tip against these enemies is that they respond to motion not sight. If you are in space simply grab something and throw it in their general direction, and they will blow up. Think floating proximity mines. Make certain to pop the nests before using this strategy, that way you can maximize how many of these enemies die.